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Hummert’s rich history originates far before they emerged as a leading horticulture supply wholesaler. In 1932 with a humble German immigrant establishing his roots in downtown St. Louis, August H. Hummert Sr. made his start by providing seed and supplies for St. Louis growers on the famous “Florist Row,” along the banks of the Mississippi River under the name A. H. Hummert Seed Co. Throughout the ‘30s and ‘40s, business grew after the company’s first 16-page catalog was produced in 1936 and A.H. (Gus) Hummert, Jr. joined his father’s business following his service in WWII. Gus would later assume the role of President in November 1970, after the passing of his father.

While Hummert Seed steadily grew in stride with the surrounding St. Louis region, the third-generation of the Hummert’s joined the business with sons August H. (Sonny) Hummert III and Pete Hummert joining in 1961 and 1980, respectively. Sonny established Ad-Arama in 1979 to handle advertising for the company and the expansion of the 16-page catalog into what he envisioned as a soon-to-be staple in the horticulture community.  Over time, Hummert Seed’s catalog and business would grow from a humble seed store to a global distributor. Sonny would later take on the role as President after the untimely passing of his father, Gus, in 1974. The company headquarters later relocated to Earth City to expand its warehouse in 1995, while adopting the company name Hummert International, to complement its world-wide role.

Over the past 30 years, Hummert International has grown to establish business in all 50 states, export products to 70 foreign countries, and expand its extensive catalog to more than 32,000 horticulture product and equipment offerings. In late 2019, Jim Duever, a 25-year employee and Vice President of Hummert, was promoted to President after Sonny’s decision to step aside as Chairman of the Board.

As 2020 began, the world was met with a challenge unlike anything Hummert International had seen throughout its 88-year past. As the traditionally busy Spring was met with instability and uncertainty, Hummert International lost the individual who, for the past 46 years, was instrumental in building the company into what it is today, with the passing of Sonny Hummert in May 2020.

Today, Hummert International remains family-oriented and fourth generational, with Sonny’s daughter, Julie, along with Pete Hummert, who are a part of the 60 person staff that operate out of our Earth City, MO and Topeka, KS warehouses. We continue to stand as a leader in horticulture product knowledge and world class customer service that is unparalleled in the industry. We realize, now more than ever, that having a reliable source for supply distribution is key to keeping your business operations running smoothly. With expertise today’s growers can rely on, Hummert International is proud to serve the greater growing community.

For a full list of Hummert Internationals product offerings and services, we invite you to visit our complimentary website, www.hummertinternational.com , where you'll find more information on what we do. 

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