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Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Hummert International is a commercial distributor of wholesale greenhouse and garden supplies, equipment and professional horticulture services. Providing industry-leading products, expert growing knowledge, and world-class customer service to customers in all 50 states and 70 countries worldwide, Hummert customers span every sector of the horticulture, agriculture and greater growing industry from ornamental and vegetable greenhouse growers and others in controlled environment agriculture, to plant researchers, college, universities and school plant science programs, landscapers, lawn maintenance professionals, government institutions, botanical gardens and more.

Over the years, Hummert International’s identity has been established by its comprehensive inventory of horticulture, garden and nursery supplies and greenhouse equipment showcased in the industry-leading Hummert Supply Catalog. Started in 1935 as a 16-page pamphlet, the latest catalog has blossomed into 816 pages filled with 16,000 SKU’s of the highest quality professional growing supplies and equipment. The supplies offered include, but is not limited to: pest and weed management, organic and chemical controls, granular/liquid/water-soluble fertilizers, irrigation and hydroponic supplies, soil conditioners and growing media, propagation trays, production pots/containers/hanging baskets, turnkey greenhouse structures, all areas of greenhouse equipment, germination chambers, harvesting equipment, plants supports and tools, landscape carts, hummert-manufactured steam carts, benches and more!

“Products, Knowledge, Service - Expertise Today’s Growers Can Rely On”. At Hummert International, this isn’t just a tagline but a commitment to our customers in all 50 states (1,000 + cities) and in more than 100 foreign countries. Excellent customer service has always been a top priority for and Hummert team members have a passion for horticulture, and their education and experience provide customers with the best nursery supplies and greenhouse equipment for their growing businesses and organizations. Vast industry knowledge, in-depth product expertise, and a streamlined ordering system makes it possible to send orders out within one business day, sometimes even the same day, for customers all over the world. As we like to say, it's about more than just supplying customers with the very best horticulture supplies and equipment, we’re committed to helping those in the professional horticulture industry grow in more ways than one.  

Those in the horticulture industry are always welcome to visit Hummert facilities in Earth City, Missouri - home to sales offices, a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom, warehouses and a 3,400 sq. ft. display greenhouse all under one roof - and a satellite facility/warehouse in Topeka, Kansas. Schools and universities are invited to call and schedule an informational tour for their horticulture students and Hummert also offers several training seminars as well as short courses throughout the year to help teachers and FFA instructors sharpen their skills and knowledge and plant science curriculum.

Hummert International also works with universities, research centers and others in agtech. This way, Hummert is learning the latest and greatest ways to practice horticulture and innovative practices to improve their nursery and greenhouse supplies. Simultaneously, we are helping other people make horticulture safer, more environmentally friendly and more efficient by providing them with current and top of the line horticulture supplies. 

In order to be sure to accurately meet the supply needs of customers, Hummert is a proud member of various organizations including: American Horticulture Society, Western Nursery and Landscape Association, Kansas Vegetable Growers Association, Missouri Green Industry Alliance and more. These associations help Hummert to stay up to date and in connection with real growers and gardeners. In today's world, technology is fast evolving in every single aspect of life, growing and gardening included. These associations help to assure that Hummert is providing relevant nursery supplies to match new and changing needs. 

Big or small, Hummert International is here to help. From professional greenhouse growers to master gardeners, Hummert loves to hear from growing professionals to aspiring new green thumbs, so do not be intimidated! Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not start with some of the best nursery supplies available? And on the flip side, Hummert is ready and equipped to handle larger organizations grow their businesses, too.

Online, Hummert International makes it easy for people to shop for horticulture supplies. Users can simply make an account online and shopping is made safe and convenient. Make a wishlist and save it for later, or place an order in an instant and we’ll ship it to just about anywhere in the world.

Search our website for professional horticulture supply products and information, talk with one of our inside sales reps, find the outside rep covering your area, or thumb through one of our many publications here- we look forward to hearing from you and helping you grow!