Hummert's High Tunnels

Approved for EQIP Funding, Hummert High Tunnels are quality build and one of the strongest you will find in the business. Hummert High Tunnels work great for getting a jump-start on crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, and strawberries. No electricity needed! High tunnels extend the growing season by a month in the spring and a month in the fall on average, and bump your hardiness zone south by 2 zones!

High Tunnel package includes:
  • Single layer, 6 mil, 4 year poly for the roof and end wallsand 5' 6" drop-down curtains with rip-stop, mounting, hardware and manually operated winches. Tunnels are complete with all hardware and wiggle wire.
High Tunnel Specifications:
  • Arches are 2-3/8” diameter, 14 gauge galvanized steel
  • Arches are standard 6’ on center
  • 1.315” diameter, 14 gauge galvanized steel roof purlins
  • 1.315” roof braces are included on each end
  • Cross braces at each bow are included
Additional options include double layer poly inflation kit, metal end wall framing, polycarbonate end walls, single or double door, roll up door, motorized shutters, heater, and/or shade cloth.

Note: Hummert High Tunnels are Seasonal Non-Code and are NOT rated for wind and snow loads.

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Junior High Tunnels:

  • The 14’ wide Junior High Tunnel is a smaller version of the 20’ and 30’ High Tunnels
  • The Junior High Tunnels are great units for home use
  • Bows and purlins are made of 1.314” diameter, 14 gauge galvanized round tube
  • The Junior High Tunnel kit includes all frame hardware, 6 mil poly for the roof, end walls and drop down curtain
  • 6’ bow spacing
  • Wood end wall framing, base and eave boards and doors are not included and must be provided by the customer