Malmborg's Greenhouse

Malmborg's Inc. has been a leading geranium propagator since 1961. This product mix has expanded over the years to include numerous lines of spring vegetative items, mums & asters; now totaling more than 700 varieties. They continue to expand their product line to provide our customers with the newest and highest quality rooted cuttings available. Their 26 strip trays sold as 25's are perfect for smaller growers that want a variety without having to order large quantities per variety.

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Tags: Tags are included in the price and shipped 1/plant.
Royalties: Included in Price.
Shipping Method: FedEx 2nd day air.
FOB: Minnesota
Minimums: Minimum order for the Preforma 26 strip (X26 strips are invoiced as X25) is 300 plants (12 strips X25). All other tray sizes have a 2 box minimum per order. See ‘PACKAGING’ link below for quantities of plants per box.
Boxing Charges: There is a winter boxing (Styrofoam lining of box) charge of $7.50 per box (86-ABOX-1) for shipments that ship from week 1 – 13.
Packaging: Preforma 26 strip: Sold as 25. They are shipped in multiples of 100 with a minimum of 300.
Kwik Kombos: 17 strip has the same width and length as the above mentioned Preforma 26 strip. These strips can be combined in packaging with the Preforma 26 strip.
Box Size: 23”L x 18”W x 14”H
Weight: 25 pounds
Ellepot 18 and 24 strips are shipped in multiples of 4 strips. These CANNOT be combined in the boxes with the Preforma 26 strip or the Kwik Kombo 17 strip.
Box Size: 26”L x 24”W x 10”H
Weight: 28 pounds

*Assorted Trays of 78 are true size flats and ship two per box. One tray can be combined with two 18/24 strips to fill box. Available to ship only Feb 13- March 31