AG 3, Inc. is a liner producer specializing in tissue culture production. Their facility offers continuous availability on hard to find and new plant varieties. They strive to meet the needs of customers by offering diverse selections and providing a research and development program to ensure you only receive top quality plant materials.

Tropicals, Perennials, Ferns, Hosta, & Carnivorous

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Tags: (85-DTAG-1)

Royalties: Additional when applicable. See price list for more information. (85-DROY-1)

Shipping Method: FedEx

FOB: Florida
Minimums: 2 trays

Boxing Charges:  $4.50/2 tray box or $6.55 for winter pack box (85-DBOX-1); $7.65 4-6 tray count box or $10.65 for winter pack box

Split Tray Fee: Partial trays and bare-root fees are $18.00 per tray. Partial trays are limited to two varieties. (85-DSPL-1)   (Excludes Begonias & Hostas)