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Commercial pots provide a great addition to the outside or inside of your home to add that beautiful touch that you were looking for. With the easy mobility of commercial pots, your plants will be able to provide a touch of beauty anywhere around your desired spot of placement. These pots come in either small for the perfect addition to the inside of your home or they can come in large sizes that will add some color to your backyard. Commercial Pots makes gardening more convenient compared to growing a garden in the outdoor area. It does not provide as much work while providing more advantages in the long run. There are a couple areas where commercial pots tend to stick out. Entrances, signage, and walkways are great spots where your plants will be able to stick out. Commercial pots will allow for plants to be planted in any situation from weather to season. With owning a garden, people have to worry about not just the plants but the surrounding ground and soil in that area. One thing with commercial pots is that it is important to water as much as you can. It is easy to forget about the plants because of its mobility. With a commercial pot, that is not the case. Hummert International has many different types of commercial pots from different textures to colors. Hummert will also recommend products based on where the plants will be located. 

It is hard to decide if your plants should be in a container such as a pot or should the plants be planted into the ground? Here is a list of advantages of why a commercial pot would add more benefits compared to planting into the ground. 

  • Versatility- Commercial pots allows the option to grow plants in an option of the different type of areas. The plants can be grown on a balcony, in a kitchen, patio, or a windowsill in a bedroom. The versatility of commercial pots will allow for more color and beauty to other areas of a home that would not be expected.

  • Variety - Pots will let you grow plants that will fit your needs and will allow for different colors and plants to be put right next to each other. Some plants might not be able to be grown in a garden but with a pot, the plant can be grown to your liking.

  • Mobility - Plants can be moved at any time or moved to any place inside and out. A plant can be moved from the sun to shade at any time of the day which eventually can help the plant grow longer because a person has more control over it. A commercial pot can be re-used based on the season. Once a new season comes, change the type of plant by reusing the commercial pot.

  • Lack of pests - With a commercial pot, the vulnerability to pests is limited. With a garden, it is hard to control the pests that can eat at your plants. With a commercial pot, an owner has more control. If they see potential harm to the plants, they can simply move it to a safer option which will expand the lifespan of the plants. 

  • No weeds - The commercial pot does not cover a lot of areas, so it is unlikely that weeds will grow in the pot. 

  • Less Equipment- When you are gardening, there is a lot of equipment that you will need to plant. With a commercial pot, it is cheaper while being easier to plant with less equipment. 

  • Flexibility -  The commercial pots allow for a wide range of flexibility by the owner. He or she can rearrange the plants to fit the season. This is where the owners' taste can come in handy in order to add beauty to the area. 

Hummert can supply you with a wide variety of commercial pots from either small or large. Hummert is a commercial distributor of horticultural supplies and equipment with customers in all fifty states and seventy foreign countries. They are headquartered right outside Saint Louis in Earth City, Missouri so one of their main demographics is the people of Saint Louis. They can provide you with any equipment in order to get your plants growing and colorful. Hummert International has been in the Hummert family since 1932 and has continued to get passed down from generation to generation. With that being said, Hummert prides themselves on having great customer service that can help supply others needs. They put the customer first in order to supply them with the right gardening needs. To learn more about commercial pots or any other horticultural products, a sales rep at Hummert can provide you with the information that you need. Hummert International is proud to provide the products, knowledge, and service needed to get you growing!