Orlandelli Benches

Rolling Wall Benches - WB8 & WB10 Models

• This is an excellent benching system to display plant material against a building or wall with a look of excellence
• Easy to roll in and out, moving many plants at one time with minimal labor
• Two models available;  
WB8 model: length 8.3’ (99.4”) x width 2.8’ (33.5”), height 5’ (59”);  
WB10 model:  length 10’ (119”) x width 2.8’ (33.5”) x height 5’ (59”)
• Each bench measures 1.5’ wide (18.3”)
• Supplied with 2 swivel casters and 2 lockable wheels
• The top bench can be installed in a tilted position to easily display plant material
• Bench tops easily assembles to supports with bolts and wing nuts

Rolling Island Bench Display - IBD3 Model

• The Island Bench provides the advantage of displaying taller plants on the bottom shelves and shorter plants on the top shelf
• The two bottom benches are 1.5’ x 6.8’ (18” x 81”);  one top bench, 3’ x 6.8” (34.4” x 81”)
• Supplied with 2 swivel and lockable wheels and 2 fixed
• Easy to position the bench in the best location
• The Island Display measures W 4.6’ x L 6.8’ x H 3’
• Bench tops easily assemble to supports with bolts and wing nuts

Hexagon Rolling Benches - HBS1 & HBD2 Models

• No doubt these are one of the most unique benches on the market, providing a look of distinction and class
• Each bench starts at a height of 22” and can be adjusted into 4 heights above in 2.5” increments
• The 2 tier hexagon bench provides additional sales/display area and is 2’ above the larger bench surface
• Supplied with 2 swivel casters and 2 lockable wheels
• Bench tops easily assemble to supports with bolts and wing nuts

ABS Watering Trays - WT Model

Width: 22” - Length: 50” - Height: 1.8” 
• The tray is designed with unique peaks and valleys, as picture of, for added strength and drainage
• Made from ABS plastic for strength and to provide the shiny smooth surface
• The trays are manufactured with no holes
• The Trays are available in Green, White and Black
• Weight each, 6 lbs

Stationary Benches - LCM & LCL Models

• Excellent value with quality construction throughout
• Two bench sizes:  3.3’ x 6.8’ (41” x 81”) and 4’ x 8.3’ (48” x 100”), each available with three heights (14”, 22” and 30”)
• The ebb and flow system, keeps water off the sales floor
• Each tray can be drained after watering or sub-irrigating to a drain or reservoir; or automated
• Each leg can be adjusted (up to 3”) for a leveled system or sloped for added drainage
• Assembly would be required for bench tops and legs;  wing nuts and bolts are provided for easy assembly and illustrated instructions.

Aluminum Basket Hanger

• Manufactured from premium alloy aluminum for strength and appearance
• Designed for Orlandelli Benches with sizes of 3.3’ x 6.8’ (40” x 81”) and 4’ x 8.3’ (48” x 100”)
• Easy to assemble and install with the wing nuts provided
• Height is adjustable in 3 - 8” increments, with the top hanger starting at a height of 4’4”. The middle support is 3’ above bench height
• The channel base is 36” and is anchored with two screws on the bench top

Cabriolet Rolling & Tilting Display with 4 Shelves - CRD4 Model

• One of the most unique plant carts on the market
• It doubles as a plant mover and a display rack
• Four ABS green watering trays with no holes are included
• All 4 shelves on the Cabriolet Plant Display can be tilted into 5 different positions, by simply pulling on an attachment and tilting the shelves to your desired inclination
• An optional Cabriolet Canopy (CC model) can be quickly installed to give the cart a European look and shading plants
• The measurements of the Cabriolet are:
In the vertical closed position; length 4.5’, width 1.9’, height 5.5’.  
In the full tilting position; length 4.5’, width 4.2’, height 5.2’
• Supplied with 2 swivel casters and 2 lockable wheels

European Cart With Canopy

• Simple design with a white frame and a canopy for shade and to give the cart the European look
• Large wheels make moving easy whether used inside or outside
• 2 green ABS Water Trays are included with cart
• Trays measure 22” x 50”
• Length 4.5’, width 2.5’ and height 7’
• Shipping Weight: 70 lbs

Mega Cut Flower Display with 13 Vases

• White painted frame with 13 vases
• Each vase holds 1 gallon of water
• Overall height is 4.5’
• The base sits on 4 casters for easy store placement
• The diameter is a little more than 2’
• Weight, 12 lbs

Floral Display Stand with 3 White Vases

• Designed for cut flower display and sales
• Each vase holds a little more than 2½ gallons (10 liters)
• Three different heights provides better visibility for shorter and longer stem flowers  
• Frame work and buckets are  white
• Size is roughly 2’ square by 3’ tall
• Weight, 19 lbs

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