Hummert's Media Treatment Systems

Ideal for the pretreatment or de-vitalization of soil, pots, tools, or plant material and proven performance by leading universities, government research facilities and commercial growers around the world.
The Hummert soil treatment system is engineered and built to meet the very highest standards of quality with a proven method for a precise and selective temperature controlled treatment of greenhouse media.

We offer the Sioux Steam-Flo Steam generator (boiler) as an ideal steam source. It is available in waste oil, fuel oil (diesel or kerosene), natural gas, or propane.

  • Efficient 3 Pass dry back Scotch Boiler
  • Built to section IV of the ASME boiler code
  • Fiberglass Insulated with a Stainless Steel wrap
  • Simplified design with fewer moving parts
  • Constructed from ¼” boiler plate steel
  • Automatic water feeder maintains correct level
  • Low water sensor protects vital components
  • 4” Steam output on top

The 210 Steam Aerator is installed after the boiler. The Aerator is the heart of the media treatment system; it takes the raw steam and precisely blends it with air while removing some of the moisture. The newly formed air mixture (temperature and volume controlled) enters the treatment cart ready to treat the contents.

Our Media Steamer Carts are designed to provide complete and uniform penetration of aerated steam throughout the load. Currently we have models from ½ to 3-1/2 cubic yards with fold down sides for potting or hydraulically titling rear dump carts. We can also design and build a custom cart to meet your specific needs. Custom covers are available for each cart to decrease treatment times.

For the most accurate temperature recordings use one of our Data Loggers to take readings directly from the material being treated; they store time and temperature directly on your computer. All of these components work together to quickly and efficiently treat your soil.

Hummert Connection Hoses are used to connect soil treatment components together. We recommend keeping the sum of all connection hoses under 25’ for best results. The 1 1/4” hose has a 12” bend radius. The 3” hose has an 18” bend radius.

All of our Trailers feature 3 jacks to level the boiler on uneven terrain, and dual torsion axles to balance the load for smooth towing. Our non-DOT trailers include aluminum fenders, 2” hitch coupler and ball, safety chains, white steel wheels, and a heavy duty welded steel frame.