Garden Starter Cutting Kit

The Garden Starter Cutting Kit is a smaller version of the Venturiponic system that includes only one Venturi-Mister and 25 planting sites that are 1-3/8” in diameter. Fits nicely on counter top under a cabinet as an herb garden. Just add a small fluorescent light. Cooking ingredients don’t get fresher than this!
Complete System Includes:
  • Humidity dome
  • 25 - Versa discs
  • 3 watt air pump
  • 1 - Venturi-Mister
  • 3 gallon reservoir and growth chamber
  • Plumbing and fittings
Dimensions: 13.5” Square x 14” T
Weight: 3.1 lbs

Catalog Number
25 Sites

Grow Row Pro

Manufactured in the USA from high-grade ABS plastic with a UV inhibitor for years of use under lights or in a greenhouse using the sun. Unique design allows for easy shipping, setup, cleaning and harvest.

9 Dutch Bucket System

Complete System Includes:
  •  3 - Versa-Connect Sections that provide space for 3 Dutch buckets per section with a total of 9 spots to grow large specimens of tomato, corn, or any other crop with larger space requirements
  •  9 - 10” net pot inserts fit into the 9 Dutch buckets
  •  All 3 sections include: Upper platform & Lower Growth Chamber
  •  1 - 380 gph water pump
  •  Connection plumbing, drip-stake assembly and tubing
  •  15 gallon reservoir

Catalog Number
9 Sites


About Hydroponics

Hydroponic is the process of growing any plant without using soil. Instead, the method is to use mineral nutrient solutions in a water-based, nutrient-rich solution. The root system is helped using an inert medium such as clay pellets, or rock wool. The purpose of hydroponics is to allow for the plants to come in contact with the nutrient solution while also having availability to oxygen. This will help the plant grow to its fullest potential while allowing for a long life if cared for properly. The major advantage of hydroponics is that the owner is able to control the variables that affect how the plan ends up growing. If treated properly, this hydroponic system will be able a better plant quality and the greater amount produced compared to a soil based plant. All of the equipment and materials involved to grow plants with the hydroponic supplies may seem overwhelming at first but the quality and growth of the plants produced will keep you happy. These plants will have a beautiful touch to wherever you place them.

There are many advantages to using hydroponic supplies compared to the regular soil based solution. The main advantage is the growth rate when using the hydroponic supplies. The plants will grow 25% faster than plants grown with the regular soil as a base. With these plants being water-based, planting is not limited to by climate or season. The hydroponic planting can be grown at any time or day of the year producing the same results. With the hydroponic supplies, the plants will not have to work as hard to get the nutrients that they need. The plant will focus more on growing above the ground rather than below it because of the hydroponic supplies. The one disadvantage is that the hydroponic supplies cost more than a soil based solution. For the advantages that you would get from the hydroponic based plant, the increased cost is much worth the final product. As you are able to see, there are many advantages to using hydroponic supplies compared using the soil.

There are several types of hydroponic growing techniques that are considered to be nutrient based. The first technique is the Wicks system which is known as a passive system so there are no moving parts. The Water Culture system does have moving parts as the roots of the plant are totally submerged in water while having an air pump to allow for oxygen to go to the roots. One other main technique is the Drip system. A timer will control the water pump which pumps water and the growing nutrients are sent through a network of water jets into the roots of the plant. These are three main hydroponic techniques that are widely used but there are more techniques then just these. All of these techniques will produce a quality and growing plant which will look perfect in any spot if cared for properly.

There are a couple main supplies that are needed when trying to grow plants using hydroponics. Some of the equipment needed includes pumps in order to feed the nutrients solution. Grow trays which are where plants are kept inside the reservoir with a growing medium. The grow lights will help to energize the photosynthesis process is a major part of the growth for the plant. Timers are required for the process when using hydroponic supplies. The timers which are attached to the water pumps will provide water to the plants. The growing medium is the part where the plants grow in. The hydroponic nutrients will help the plant grow and prosper over time. All of these supplies are critical to growing your plants using this hydroponic technique. It might seem like this is a lot of work and money but the process does not take that long and the results will satisfy your planting needs.

Hummert International offers a wide range of different hydroponic supplies that will help you start growing your soil-less plants. Hummert is a commercial distributor of horticultural supplies and equipment with customers all around the United States and seventy foreign countries. Hummert is located in Saint Louis so a lot of their customers are from Saint Louis and the surrounding areas. They can provide you with any of your garden or planting needs in order to get your plants growing and colorful. Hummert International started in the Hummert family in 1932 and has carried through the family ever since. One aspect that they pride themselves in is putting the customer first so they can supply them with the best hydroponic and horticultural supplies that will satisfy their needs. To learn more about hydroponic supplies or any other planting supplies, a sales rep at Hummert can help you decide which product will be the best for you. Hummert International will proudly help you so you can get your plants growing!