Conley's Superstar 3600LD Fully Integrated, Automated Commercial, Poly Roof Light Deprivation Growing System
The strength of Conley’s Superstar Series 3600 greenhouse is not only found in the
frame, but in its simplicity as well. This structure was designed with fewer components
for cost efficiency and for easier installation, further keeping costs down. With Conley’s
engineering and roll-formed components, this structure is built to last.

Conley's Gable 7500LD Fully Integrated, Automated Commercial, Light Deprivation Growing System
 The Gable Series 7000 greenhouse frame has long been Conley’s most proven
structures. With its flush-mounted purlin design and anti-condensate control features
built into the frame, it is the top choice of professional growers around the world. With
under-gutter options up to 14’ and long-lasting warrantied Twin-Wall Polycarbonate
covering, the 7500LD Greenhouse provides a highly productive environment that your
crop can thrive in.

Conley's Mountain 1300 Fully Integrated, Automated, Light Deprivation Growing System
The Mountain Series 1300 greenhouse offers a turnkey solution; sturdy structure,automated light deprivation, ventilation options complete environmental controls,
lighting and electrical systems.

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