Motorized Shutters

ACME - Flowmater Aluminum Wall Shutters
• Corrosion resistant heavy gauge aluminum frame•    
  Precision counter balanced aluminum blades open
  easier, wider to permit higher fan capacity
• Nylon bearings throughout are corrosion proof to
  help prevent sticking.
• Stainless steel hinge pins will not rust
• Blades are reinforced with polishedgalvanized steel
  rods, and equipped with double tie-rods
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Coolair Aluminum Shutter
• The LRW Shutter is an all aluminum damper
  with an extruded aluminum frame and interlocking
  aluminum blades for maximum weather seal.
• Double panel shutters (LRW45 and larger) are
  constructed with a rigid ‘T’ section center member to
  prevent shutter blades from sticking.
•The LRW-E Shutter allows fresh air to enter the green­
  house as fans at the opposite side/end exhaust it.
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Vent Drive Units and Controls

Wadsworth Vent Drive Units
Set the standard for smooth operation and reliability.
• Thermal overload protection and automatic reset
•  Continuous duty and quick-reversing
•  Worm gear with tapered roller bearings on dual
   output shafts immersed in synthetic oil
• Sealed for life; limited or no maintenance required
• Superior heat dissipation with fin & casting design
• Models VC 100A and VC 2000( shown)
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Wadsworth Vent Controls
 Our LST Lead Control (shown) works with your
 computer or staged control, incrementally, or full
 open, full close, and our 2R Follower Control mimics
 the lead control’s actions. Both models feature
 manual override toggle switches allowing for manual
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Vent and Curtain Drive Systems

Lock  Vent  & Curtain Drive System
  Lock Drives are known globally as the finest when it  
  comes to accuracy, with precise opening and closing
  positions due to its limit switch system. These limits
  feature Swiss made micro switches that are set by
  tightening three Allen head screws in each direction.
  Once they are set they will continue to run for many
  years without any attention.
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Total ENERGY Group Rack & Pinion Vent Systems
 Total Energy group focuses on energy related
  technologies. For the greenhouse grower they offer
  many energy efficient products, including: Energy
   shade curtains, 99 % efficient unit heaters,  gas fired
   boilers,heating pipe insulation and water saving
   equipment. For Ridge Peak and Quonset Roofs
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Natural & Automatic Ventilation

Natural, Cold Frame, High Tunnel and Ground to Ground System
(1’ to 7’ Opening Curtain Systems)
  Curtain systems are designed for single poly or
  double layer air inflated poly. Double layer poly
  curtain can be air inflated with optional Automatic
  Inflation Kit. Curtain system can be manual or
  motorized; operator packages and guide pipe
  ordered  separately. Poly curtain, baseboard at eave
  and grade  not included.
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Natural, Gutter Connect – Sidewall Curtain Systems
(up to 8’ opening)
  The “gutter connect” – sidewall curtain system is
  designed for straight side walls of free standing and
  gutter connected greenhouses with 8’ sidewalls with
  single and double layer poly. Double layer poly
  sidewalls and end panels can be automatically air
  inflated to reduce heat loss.
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Automatic Ventilation System
• The Sesam Liberty ( shown) and Univent
   automatically adjusts ventilation according to the
   temperature inside your greenhouse
• The Sesam Liberty and Univent do not require
   electricity need no wiring; they operate by means of
   solar energy
•  Units are made from rustproof materials lasting for
   many years. both come with  one year warranty
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