Aquafog Turbo XE Fogging Fans

Aquafog units produce small particles averaging 25 microns in size and feature flow control for adjusting the amount of liquid being fed to the fogging fan using ordinary water and power supply to produce high quality, high volume fog without clogging. Fans can be stationary or equipped with oscillation.

Included with every fan:

  • Adjustable-angle hanging bracket
  • Choice of visual flowmeter panel with strainer
  • 12’ SJO indoor/outdoor, heavy-duty power cord
  • 20’ Poly-Flo water line tubing
  • 16’ water drainage line
  • 100% stainless steel hardware
  • Easy-to-follow operator’s manual
Excellent for safe, effective chemical fogging. Used for liquid pesticide and fungicide application, insecticide use and foliar feeding. Capable of continuous duty operation. All fans are standard-equipped with a dark teal housing and a dual voltage, white epoxy painted Baldor Wash Down Duty Motors (WDD) motor 115/230V, 1 phase, 60Hz, designed to give the best protection in moist, humid environments. Comes in 3 Models: XE-500, XE-1000 and XE-2000.

Other Supportive Controls to the Aquafog:

  • Oscillator

  • Humidistat Control
Thermostat Control
1/4" Solenoid Valve

FOGCO Greenhouse Climate Control

FOGCO mist systems and misting pumps are fast becoming standard equipment for all greenhouse climate control applications. As an environment control system, they can have a dramatic effect on greenhouse productivity.

Greenhouse productivity is dependent upon many factors. A line misting system cannot control or affect all variables, but it can have a positive impact by regulating the temperature, humidity and moisture content within the greenhouse.

This capability will promote increased health and productivity within the greenhouse by eliminating ‘plant water stress’, one of the most significant factors in the growth of all plants.

Plants lose their moisture through evaporation from the leaves. They also gather carbon needed for growth in the form of carbon dioxide through the leaves. By controlling the plants pores through the use of a properly designed misting system, the results are stronger and healthier plants with optimum growth potential.

Fog systems can also be used to introduce fertilizers by injecting nutrients directly into the atmosphere. The moisture and the nutrients are absorbed by the leaves of the plant.