Where to Find Wholesale Greenhouse Supplies

Monday, October 14, 2019
If you want to have a successful greenhouse, you will need to put a lot  of work into creating and maintaining it. There are so many details, big  and small, but all equally important in creating a successful  commercial greenhouse. If you can attend to them all, you will not be  disappointed. 
If you want to have a successful greenhouse, you will need to put a lot of work into creating and maintaining it. There are so many details, big and small, but all equally important in creating a successful commercial greenhouse. If you can attend to them all, you will not be disappointed. Look to Hummert for all your wholesale greenhouse supplies.

Greenhouse Types

The types of greenhouses vary on several elements--design, temperature, and structure.

Greenhouse temperatures vary--they can come in cold, warm, cool, and hot. When deciding on which temperature greenhouse will suit your purposes for the best, you will have to take several factors into consideration--mainly location, the plants that you want to grow, and how high or low your budget is. To put this into perspective--a hot greenhouse would cost you a lot more because you would need to supply extra heating for it to work, but then you would be able to grow tropical plants whenever you wanted. Cold greenhouses would have no extra heating or heating at all, and are basically used by people to extend the growing season. Cool and warm greenhouses are between the two in costs.

Greenhouse structures also vary--between commercial and residential greenhouses. Residential greenhouses are obviously for private use, but commercial greenhouses can be further divided into categories regarding their purpose e.g. research, retail, or educational operations.

The design of the greenhouse is equally important. It can vary quite differently from greenhouse to greenhouse, depending on the builder’s budget, overall attention to aesthetics, and emphasis on functionality. The final design of the greenhouse will depend upon the materials and the architectural style that is chosen. The materials chosen will reflect not only the overall design aesthetic chosen, but also the structure and intended use of the greenhouse. This will dictate the structure and support given to the framework of the greenhouse, as well as the covering and environmental controls needed.

Tools and Accessories for Your Greenhouse

We at Hummert know that if you want to build a greenhouse, there are more tools and materials involved than just some glass. Depending on the type of greenhouse you want to build especially, we specialize in also offering supplemental finishing touches to your greenhouse. Things like heating, doors, ventilation systems to heat or cool, benches, and so much more. Choosing any of these extras is very important as the wrong bench can impede the retail experience, and not having extra or correct ventilation can kill your plants. Every single thing in your greenhouse, down to its type and placement, are important. They are especially important in commercial greenhouses, as several people may depend upon them. This is why Hummert’s not only offers your choice of accessories, but also experienced experts to help guide you to the correct choices for your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Benefits

It may seem a bit overwhelming when you first start your greenhouse, but there are several benefits that more than make up for all of the time, work, and money you will put into your greenhouse. Not only will you have access to fresh fruits and vegetables all year, but also fresh flowers if you are so inclined. You will also have a wonderfully warm, safe haven that you can go to in the middle of winter. Having a greenhouse also means that you will be able to grow exotic fruits, vegetables, and flowers that are not native to your home or even country. Having a greenhouse also means that your plants will be protected by the outside environment e.g. storms. They are also protected from bugs and anything else that could kill your plants. If you pay attention to the style and design of your greenhouse, it can also add a certain beauty to the area.

There are also specific benefits associated with commercial greenhouse enterprises. Greenhouses focused on research can have an amazing impact on the environmental, economic, medical, and education areas. An educational greenhouse can provide kids with activities and teach them more about where their food comes from. A retail greenhouse provides fresh, local plants to the entire community.
A greenhouse inspires creativity and innovation, particularly when introduced to children and young adults.

Your Next Step

After choosing the type of greenhouse you want, for your exact purpose, you are not alone. Hummert Greenhouse Design & Discovery not only offers you consultation on the building of your greenhouse, but also sells every single tool and material needed to start your greenhouse--whether this is seeds, shovels, or containers. Come to us when you want to try out a new fertilizer or install an irrigation system! Hummert’s is here to meet your every day need with our consultation services and gardening supplies.