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Hummert International  &  Evergreen Equipment Finance  

Hummert international is proud to partner with Evergreen Equipment Finance to make equipment financing simple and affordable. Evergreen Equipment Finance understands that every business is different; that’s why they have created a program to complement your business. Keep your borrowing power intact, pay for the equipment as you use it & improve your cash flow. Hummert International & Evergreen Equipment Finance make it a priority to understand how your business operates, so that you can purchase the equipment and supplies you need to keep growing year-round.

By partnering with Evergreen Equipment Finance, you can be confident you’ll get nothing less than world-class support. For growers, our program is one of the best financing programs on the market. Payment options include Seasonal Payments, Terms from 1 – 7 years, Annual & Quarterly payments & all with fixed rates.

Superior Equipment, Specialty  Programs

Set up your Evergreen Equipment Finance line of credit  today. Simply fill out the application by clicking on the Apply Now link and get  pre-approved for up to $150,000.

What Types of Equipment Can I Finance?