We know consistency, data tracking and accuracy is key to your organization. At Hummert, we have a dedicated staff committed to helping institutional organizations like yours achieve maximum efficiency. Whether it’s prefilled containers, devitalization of plant waste or maintaining stock shops, we are here to eliminate variables in your research equation, reduce your labor costs and provide the continuity that’s needed in your industry.

Areas We Serve:

Prefilled Containers – Contiguous 48 States

Devitalization – Bi-State

Stock Rooms – St. Louis Metro Area

Potting/Prefilled Containers  

Choose from a wide arrange of soil mixes, amendments, treatments, compaction levels, and containers.
Prepared by us and delivered to you; pre-potted and ready for use.

Why Us?

  • Consistency is key!
  • Our dependable staff follows standard operating procedures, ensuring repeatable quality
  • Frozen samples and a physical archive of soil mixes are held for transparency and control
  • Soil test results direct from source – provided by our soil vendors
  • Soil batch number tracking & archiving
  • Ability to handle large order fulfillment


We operate under a compliance agreement with the USDA and are authorized to handle a variety of waste products.

Why Us?

  • USDA compliant – we’ve done the legwork
  • Record keeping and total transparency – we track waste from start to finish
  • Regular inspections of all machinery and transport vessels
  • Routine pickups and drop-offs customized to fit your busy schedule
  • Ability to handle, treat, and dispose high volumes of waste
  • Per pound pricing – no excess costs

Supplies & Stock Shop

We can monitor your most frequently used supplies to make sure you have them on hand when you need them.

Why Us?

  • Prices are locked in for a period of time
  • Regular site visits can be scheduled to set up, restock, and keep your supplies organized
  • Never worry about when to place orders or if your supplies will be replenished – we have you covered!
  • A backup supply of all your stock items can be kept in our St. Louis warehouse to make sure they’re always on hand

For more information contact:

Dan Burkemper

(314) 506-4523


Holly Taylor

(618) 407-9528