We Love Our Customers

Customer Feedback

Responsive To Your Needs...
“Color me impressed. You all have provided the best response and service from any online company I've ever dealt with and I buy lots on the internet. Your responses to my inquiries were very promptly and thorough. I am truly impressed, thank you. I was absolutely shocked to see my order on my door step today, when I only placed the order 2 days ago. Thanks again.”
- Brian

Customer Satisfaction...

“Thank you for the great customer satisfaction. Follow up message are too rare these days in the business world and it is very nice to receive this level of attention for even the smallest orders. I wish I could get the same level of attention from my plug suppliers.”

- Mariani

Quality and Consistency Year After Year...
“I spent 30 years in the Greenhouse/Garden center business prior to working in this bookstore, during that time we often did business with Hummert and always found your service to be top quality, detail oriented and you were a pleasure to deal with. You have not disappointed me and your service remains top Notch. It will keep you in business for many years.”
- Julian

Ongoing Customer Support...

“Thank you for the extra service of following up on my order, I am looking forward to using your on-line store for my ongoing horticultural needs.”

- Mark