Home Gardener

The Home Gardener is designed to be a 3-season greenhouse that allows you to get a jump on the Spring growing season. It assembles quickly with wing nuts so no tools are needed. Multi-level benches and hanging basket purlins allow you to maximize your growing space.


Roof & end wall poly film
Choice of white or clear poly with Wiggle Wire™ attachment system
Integrated side benching
Built-in side benching with bench tops get you up and growing in no time. Just add plants!
Two runs of hanging basket purlins
Hang your baskets at eye level and within easy reach.
Double swinging end door
Wide swinging end doors allow you easy access.
additional end door provides access from either end.
Slide-Side ventilation
Keeps your plants in the optimum growing environment and you stay comfortable while working.
Modular design
Allows for easy and economical expansion.


Width: 10’-0”
Length: 6’-96’ (in 6’ sections)
Sidewall height: 5’-0”
Height to apex: 8’-6”
Frame spacing: 6’
Door: double 2’-0”w x 6’-8” high
Cover: clear or white 6 mil. UVI polyethylene
End wall cover: clear 6 mil. UVI polyethylene
Frame: 1.163” o.d. 17 ga. Galvanized steel tubing and 16 ga. galvanized roll-form steel
Ventilation: Slide-Side



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