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Geneva™ Greenhouse by Florian

Florian’s Geneva™ greenhouses are designed to provide a comfortable environment to pursue any aspect of horticulture. Geneva™ has a large scale commercial capability, as well as those to satisfy the hobbyist. With the wide variety of sizes available in either curved or straight-eave styles and even-span models, virtually any site dimension can be accommodated and with their unique configurations any design can be met according to your architects specifications. Schools, garden centers, florists, commercial growers, botanical gardens, restaurants, hotels, etc. requiring larger greenhouses can be accommodated by the truss span gutter connected models.  Truss width from 20’ to 40’ and columns 10’ on  centers enables Florian to construct almost any size greenhouse to suit your needs.


Durable Framing: All greenhouses are constructed of maintenance-free aluminum framing members. The unique I-beam profile has been designed for maximum strength meeting all local building code specifications. The sturdy streamlined support bars permit wider spacing allowing more sunlight to enter for better plant growth. Special horizontal dividers act as bracing against lateral wind loading, as well as, supporting the glazing on all sides to prevent glass breakage and leaks. Optional Brite White or Earthtone Bronze baked enamel finishes may be selected to enhance the beauty of your installation.


Safety Glazed: Whether you choose the economical single-pane style or the energy-efficient insulated glass option, every greenhouse is constructed using tempered glass. Tempered glass offers nearly 10 times greater strength  and protection against breakage than non-safety - glazed structures. For maximum thermal performance Geneva™ features an exclusive double-sealed, argon gas-filled Heat-Shield® insulated glass for the industry’s highest R-Value rating.


Stainless Steel Hardware: Every greenhouse includes rust free stainless steel fasteners and clips for reliable performance. Fully prefabricated kits utilize a unique T-bolt system to insure ease of installation and permit placement of equipment (ie: shelving, plant hangers, etc.) without drilling extra holes.


Modular and Expandable: All of the greenhouse kits are designed using standard frame and glass panel sizes which can be added to in the future to expand your greenhouse as your needs dictate.


Installation: All greenhouses are prefabricated for assembly. They are factory engineered, pre-cut and


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