Ebb & Flow Rolling & Stationary Bench Systems

All sizes of benches from Innovative Growers Equipment can be furnished as stationary or rolling benches. Rolling benches are commonly used to maximize space in production areas where space is at a premium and access to crops by personnel and equipment is required. Max roll benches are to be installed on concrete floors, as some of the legs are required to be attached to the floor with anchors to prevent tipping. Standard roll benches are not required to be anchored to the floor.


Ebb and Flow Rolling Benches are designed to offer the best flexibility and eliminate unused aisle space. Same great quality as traditional Ebb and Flow stationary benches.
  • Save water, fertilizer and labor costs when compared to other irrigation methods
  • Easily control relative humidity in the growing environment. Plant foliage, and floors under benches are always dry
  • Designed with a network of drainage channels where irrigation solution is pumped into the bench, and then allowed to drain. Solution is returned to the holding tank to be reused when the irrigation cycle is done

Standard Bench Sizes & Roll Distance:

For more information on rolling distances, click here.