Ebb & Flow Rolling & Stationary Bench Systems

Made-to-order bench systems that are sturdy and level, with a waterproof bench top surface on which the plants are grown.

Provides a complete automated (or manually controlled) watering system. Plants in any size pot up to approx. 3 gallons can be watered and fertilized by traditional sub irrigation techniques. Overhead hand irrigation or automated drip emitters can also realize benefits by collecting and controlling all water run-off.
  • Save water, fertilizer and labor costs when compared to other irrigation methods
  • Easily control relative humidity in the growing environment. Plant foliage, and floors under benches are always dry
  • Designed with a network of drainage channels where irrigation solution is pumped into the bench, and then allowed to drain. Solution is returned to the holding tank to be reused when the irrigation cycle is done
  • Most crops grown on Ebb & Flow benches tend to finish 1-2 weeks earlier than other irrigation systems
  • Over 50 different width variations available
  • Finished height between 12”-42” - (from floor to ebb flow tray)
  • Stock widths include: 2’, 3’, 4’, 4’6”, 5’, 6’

Save room & leave no space unused!

Ebb and Flow Rolling Benches are designed to offer the best flexibility and eliminate unused aisle space.
Same great quality as traditional Ebb and Flow stationary benches.
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