Hummert's 2014/2015 Horticultural Supply Catalog

Section NameDescription
Pesticides, Surfactants, Rooting Compounds, HerbicidesPAGES 1–76 • Insecticides, Systemic Tree Implants, Pestraps, Aerosols, Beneficial Insects, Dyna Trap, Fungicides, Algaecides, Algaecides/Disinfectants, Rooting Compounds, Plant Growth Regulators, Turf Growth Regulators, Surfactants, Pre-emergent Herbicide, Post-emergent Herbicide, Soil Fumigants, Aquatic Weed and Algae Control.
Safety Equipment, Measuring Devices, Sprayers, Granular ApplicatorsPAGES 77 - 120 • Document/Chemical Storage Boxes, Respirators, Safety Eyewear, Spay Suits and Coveralls, Aprons, Boots, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Personal Protection Products, First Aid Kits, Measuring Devices, Scales, Hand Sprayers, Backpack Sprayers, Tanks Sprayers, Foggers, Hummert’s Water Wagon, Reels, Spray Hose and Guns, Earthway and Spyker Broadcast Spreaders, Granular Spreaders, Dusters and Flame Weed Control.
Grass Seed, Liquid, Granular, and Water Soluble Fertilizers, Injectors, Testing MetersPAGES 121 - 176 • Hummert’s Turf Grass Seed, Dyna Green Fertilizers, Lebanon Turf Products, Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers, Jacks and Peters Water Soluble Fertilizers, Controlled Release Fertilizers, Tropical Fertilizers, Miracle Gro, Chick Magic, Espoma, Soil Mender, Fertilizer Injectors, Tanks and Mixers, pH, TSD and EC Meters, Soil Test Kits, NPK Meters, Buffering and Conductivity Solutions, Soil Moisture Meters, Soil Probes, Samplers, Thermometers, Microscopes, Magnifiers and Bio Stimulants.
Water Holding Products, Wetting Agents, Soil Conditioners, Growing MediaPAGES 177 - 201 • Mycorrhizae fungi, Water Holding Copolymers, Wetting Agents, Anti-Transpirants, Charcoal, Coco Croutons, Coconut Fiber, Cotton Burrs, Expanded Shale, Sand, Hummert Orchid Potting Mix, Sphagnum Moss, Compressed Coir Bark, Mood Moss, Orchid Bark, Organic Compost, Rice Hulls, Perlite, Clay pebbles, Vermiculite, Turface, Hummert’s Organic Dyna Mix, BACCTO, Fafard, Sungro and Premier Growing Mixes and Peat Moss and Metro Mix.
Propagation Trays, Inserts and Flats, Small and Large Containers, Pot Covers, Plant SleevesPAGES 202 - 261 • Oasis Growing Mediums/Rootcubes, Specialty Growing Medium/Containers, Jiffy Pots, Strips and Trays, Hummert Plant Bands, Plug Trays, Inserts, Flats, ITML, TOP, Summit, and Poppelmann Pots and Containers, Support Rings, Plastic and Fiber Hanging Baskets, Austram Hanging Baskets, Sphagnum Moss Hanging Baskets, Wire Baskets and Liners, Hangers, Planters, Tree Boxes, Container Stabilizers, Nursery Supplies Containers, Poly-cel Containers, Smart Pots, Orchid Baskets, Cedar Planters, Saucers, Specialty Tubs, Hydroponics Trays, Cardboard Slogan Trays, Pot and Earth Covers and Paper, Poly and Fiber Plant Sleeves.
Automatic and Manual Watering and Misting, Controllers and Accessories, HydroponicPAGES 262 - 365 • Drip Tape, Lay Flat Hose, Weighted Drippers, Misting and Watering Nozzles, Drip Irrigation, Sprinklers, Poly Pipe and Fittings, Micro Irrigation Parts and Fittings, PVC and Fittings, Brass Fittings, Valves, Filters, Pressure Regulators, Tork Timing Switches, Phytotronics Misting Controllers, Galcon Controllers, Orbit Controllers, Signature Controllers, Hydro Rain Products, Solenoids, Watering Wands, Breakers, Nozzles, Hoses, Reels, Treegators, Sprinklers and Stands, Watering Cans, Hummert’s Water Wagon, Aqua-Mate, Irrigation Systems, Reverse Osmosis, Hydroponic and Aeroponic Systems and Supplies.
Greenhouses, Cold Frames, High Tunnels, Coverings, and AccessoriesPAGES 366 - 409 • Hummert’s Greenhouse Design, Construction and Service, Retrofitting, Modernization and Maintenance, Ludy Greenhouses, Conley’s Greenhouse and Cold Frames, Solar Innovations, Florian, Rimol, Hummert’s High Tunnels and Cold Frames, Poly-Tex, Lexan, Corrugated Sheets, Glazing Systems, Acrylite, Warps Polyethylene, Poly locking Systems and Supplies, Venting Systems, Wadsworth Vent Controllers, Shade Systems and Energy Curtains.
Ventilation, Heating and Cooling Systems, Benching, Controllers, LightingPAGES 410 - 491 • Acme Fans and Shutters, Coolair Fans and Shutters, Schaefer Fans and Controllers, Fan-jets, Convection Tubing, Kool-cel Systems and Kuul Pads, Evaporative Cooling Systems, Humidifiers, Foggers, Modine Heaters, A-maize-ing Heat and Trueleaf Heaters, Greenhouse Controllers and Monitoring Systems, PL Light Systems, LED Lighting, Light Meters, Flora Carts, Fluorescent Lamps and Fixtures, Environmental Screens, Insect Screens, Shade Cloth, Greenhouse Maintenance Products, Hummert’s Greenhouse Benches, Orlandelli Benches, AV Bench Systems, Benchmaster Benches, Poly-Tex Plant Displays, Shelving and Work Benches.
Automation Equipment, Seeders, Thermometers, Vegetable Production, Harvesting Supplies, Plant SupporPAGES 492 - 561 • Seeders, Plug Poppers, Heating Cables and Mats, Thermostats, Grow Rooms, Phytotronics Germination Chamber, Media Mixers, Potting Systems, Conveyors, Soil Sterilizers, Data Loggers, Thermometers, Hygrometers, Weather Centers, Mulch Layers, Crop Support Netting, Raised Bed Gardens, Hummert’s Flat Cold Frames, Compost Tumblers, Tillers, Crop Protection, Fruit and Vegetable Equipment, Harvest Tools and Packaging, Research and Production Supplies, Bamboo Stakes, Plant Supports, Tomato Cages, Trellis, BJA Tape Binders, Ties, Twine, Wire, Straps, Staplers, Hummert’s Wooden Labels, Plastic Labels, T-Stakes, Hang Tags, Custom Label Systems, Metal Sign Holders, Nursery Signs, Vinyl Banners, Paint Pens and Markers, Vinyl Tape and Flags.
Measuring and Marking Products, Landscape Tools, Pruners and TrimmersPAGES 562 - 608 • Marking and Measuring Tools, Kid’s Horticulture Products, Scoops, Hand Tools, Augurs, Pluggers, Landscape Tools, Shovels, and Rakes, Brute Containers, Boxes, Bins, Hand Baskets, Lawn Bags, Brooms, Knee Pads, Gloves, Aprons, Safety Glasses, Pruners, Scissors, Snips, Pruning Saws, Loppers, Hedge Shears, Knives, Tree Pruners and Pole Saws.
Carts, Trailers, Landscape Power Equipment and Safety SuppliesPAGES 609 - 645 • Garden Carts, Ball Carts, Utility Carts and Trailers, Stocking Carts, Customer Carts, Plant Display Carts, Heavy Duty Tilt Trucks, Wheel Barrows, Platform Carts, Ladders, Pallet Jacks, Drills, Bulb Planters, Dibbler, Trimmers, Power Washers, Mowers, Brush Cutters, Aerators, Dethatchers and Seeders, Lawn Rollers, Leaf Blowers, Shred-N-Vac, Lawn and Debris Vacuum, Hedge Trimmers, Chain Saws, Chippers, Shredders, Log Splitter and Personal Safety Equipment.
Arborist & Landscape Products, Pump and Pond Supplies, Animal Repellents, Floral SuppliesPAGES 646 - 704 • Grafting Tools, Tree Protector Products, Earth Anchors, Tree Support Kits, Tree Stakes and Anchors, Tree Straps and Ties, Tree Guards, Wilt Proof, Burlap, Drip Irrigation Bags, Weed Barrier, Sod Staples, Ground Cover, Erosion Control, Edging, Root Barriers, Pavers, Hummert’s Turf Grass Seed, Wild Game Mixes, Mulch, Windmill Aeration Systems, Aerators, Water Pumps, Pond Supplies, Animal Repellents, Pest Control, Cage Traps, Plant Netting, Floral Supplies, Ice Melt and Salt Spreaders, Shipping and Receiving, Terms and Conditions, Directions to Hummert, Index.