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Hummert International publications are offered to the professional whose primary source of income is generated from a horticultural affiliation. To receive any of our publications, please create a wholesale account on our website, and once your account is verified, you will be able to request a publication on this page.







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Hummert's 2014/2015 Horticultural Supply Catalog

The most comprehensive commercial horticultural supply catalog ever!  Our catalog includes over 700 full color pages of the largest selection of products necessary for all segments of the horticulture industry in addition to Hummert’s Helpful Hints and educational information throughout. The catalog includes pesticides, fertilizers, media, pots, irrigation, propagation, greenhouses, lighting, benches, tools and so much more. Request your copy today!

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Hummert's 2017 Seed Catalog

Newly revised for the 2017 growing season!  Featuring new varieties, plus heirloom and open pollinated seed. The year in which varieties were introduced (when we can find them) is now included in descriptions. Planting guide, cultural information, seeds per acre and growing tips are all included in addition to seed varieties from artichokes to watermelon.

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Hummert's 2017 Plants & Cuttings Catalog

An extensive and colorful compendium of starter plant materials in the form of plugs, cuttings (rooted & unrooted) plus small plants of annuals, perennials, herbs, foliage plants, ferns, poinsettias, mums, geraniums, hibiscus, blooming tropicals, bougainvillea, clematis, grasses, berries and vegetables.

Now available as a complete digital selection of plants & cuttings from all of our growers with cultural information, images of each variety, and easy to use order forms.  Click here for 2015's Plants & Cuttings Catalog

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Hummert's 2016 Spring Bulb List

Our offering of bulbs, roots and sets available for your summer garden. Included are begonias, caladiums, cannas, dahlias, gladiolus, elephant ears, lilies, peonies, along with asparagus roots, garlic and onion sets, rhubarb and strawberries. Click here to download the pricing.

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Hummert's 2016 Fall Bulb List

Hummert’s listing of bulbs available for fall planting and forcing.  To make your garden beautiful in the spring be sure and plant hyacinths, tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris and allium.  For forcing, try paperwhites and amaryllis. Click here to download the pricing.

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Hummert's Helpful Hints 

The fourth edition of Hummert’s Helpful Hints is brimming with reference material that every horticulturist should have at their fingertips. It has conversion tables, application tables, calculations, weights, measures and equivalents as well as information on chemicals, fertilizers and fungicides.  Whether you need a guide to help you adjust your ph, or how to figure out what quantity of soil is needed to fill your pots, Hummert’s Helpful Hints can assist you. Forty two years worth of valuable horticultural knowledge is a valuable tool to have for educators, growers, scientists and landscapers. Order your copy today!