Pro-Gibb T&O

Pro-Gibb T&O

Gibberellic Acid
Growth and Flowering Stimulant

  • Description: Naturally occurring PGR that stimulates rapid stem and root growth as well as breaking bud and seed dormancy
  • Mode of action: Stimulates cell division and elongation
  • Labeled for: Greenhouse, golf course, parks, sod farms
  • Benefits: Approved for organic production; increases flower size and number as well as stem elongation; can be used to help overcome a PGR overdose
  • Turf benefits: Allows Bermuda grass to stay green during periods of cold weather
  • Plants: Azalea, lily, camellia, geranium, pompom mum, cut flowers, Bermuda grass
  • Precautions: Strongly dependent on spray volume
  • Signal word: Warning
  • EPA No.: 73049-15
  • Rate: 0.003 to 3.8 fl oz per gallon
  • REI: 12 hours

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Pro-Gibb T&O
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