Hanna Model HI993310

Hanna Model HI993310

Portable Meter for Direct Measurement of Soil Activity and Solutions Conductivity

  • The Model HI93310 was specifically designed to address the need for correct and rapid conductivity measurements in soil and liquids
  • It is supplied with two probes: HI76305 with a stainless steel, conical tip for direct soil measurement; and HI76304 for fertilizer-enriched solutions. Both probes have a one meter cable (3.28’)
  • The meter measures both the soil conductivity in EC (µS/cm) as well as salt activity in grams per liter
  • The different scales can be selected through two keys on the front mask, and two separate LEDs indicate which parameter is being tested
  • In addition, the meter is equipped with an alarm LED that automatically turns on if the soil is too dry, or nutritive substances such as potassium or nitrogen are lacking
  • In the former case, demineralized water is to be added to the soil prior to proceeding with further tests
  • Direct soil measurement is facilitated by the small-diameter, stainless steel, pointed HI76305 probe
  • Once inserted into the ground, the user simply waits until the meter displays the value read by the auger-like probe
  • Test solution, HI7031L, comes in a 500 ml bottle
RangeEC:0.00 – 19.00 µS / cm
Activity:0.00 – 1.00
Temperature:0.0 – 50.0° C – 32 – 122.0°F
ResolutionEC:.01 µS / cm
AccuracyEC:±0.02 F.S.
Battery Life: ± 100 hours
HI3896 N,P,K & pH Test Kits

In horticulture, monitoring the quality of the soil is extremely important for the healthy growth of plants. The pH level is an excellent guide as to which plants may thrive in a particular growth media, as well as indicating which fertilizers to use. HANNA’s combination test kits allow you to test not only for pH, but for nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well, which are just as important for the quality of the soil.
HI3896 provides for 25 tests and includes a useful guide to measurement.

Parameter Method Range
Chemical Method
of Tests
4-9 pH (1pH incr.)
Ascorbic Acid
pH indicator


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Hanna Model HI993310
42-5003-1HI993310 EC METERHI9933103.06EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
42-5003-9HI993310HI9933103.06EA(?)-1 --- 1$560.00
HI3896 N,P,K & pH Test Kits
42-5010-1HI3896 TEST KIT25 TESTS1.55EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
42-5010-9HI389625 TESTS1.55EA(?)-1 --- 1$65.50
Hanna Model HI993310
42-5011-1HI76305 ELECTRODEHI 76305-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
42-5011-9HI76305HI 76305-EA(?)-1 --- 1$149.00