Hummert’s Steam Aerator

Hummert’s Steam Aerator

Hummert's Media Treatment System

Our System is ideal for the pretreatment or post treating (devitalization) of soil, pots, tools, or plant material.  It is the advanced method for a precise and selective temperature controlled treatment of greenhouse media.  We offer the Sioux SF-11 Boiler as an ideal steam source.  It is available in Waste Oil, Fuel Oil (Diesel or Kerosene), Natural Gas, or Propane.

After the boiler is the 210 Steam Aerator.  It is the heart of the Media Treatment System; it takes the raw steam and precisely blends it with air while removing some of the moisture.  The newly formed air mixture (temperature and volume controlled) enters the treatment cart ready to treat the contents.

Our Media Steamer Carts are designed to provide complete and uniform penetration of aerated steam throughout the load. Currently we have models from ½ to 3 ½ cubic yards with fold down sides for potting or hydraulically tilting rear dump carts.  We can design and build a custom cart to meet your specific needs.  Custom fit covers are available for each cart to decrease treatment times.

For the most accurate temperature recordings use our Data Logger Kit with four probes to take readings directly from the material being treated; it stores time & temperature directly on your computer. All of these components work together to quickly and efficiently treat your soil. When soils are held at a temperature of 140 to 165 degrees F for a period of 30 minutes, most weed seeds, insects, viruses, and disease causing fungi are destroyed, yet the soil nutrients are not leached out. Performance proven by leading universities, government research facilities and commercial growers around the world, the Hummert Soil Treatment System is engineered and built to meet the very highest standards of quality.

210 STEAM AERATOR Precision Built

The steam Aerator mixes steam and air in the correct proportions for soil treatment by the preferred low temperature method. The frequency drive is vital to providing the exact treating temperature desired, by turning a knob to adjust the air injection, the output temperature can be raised or lowered. This design is great for a facility with many users, by simply logging the numbers from the digital display along with the output temperature; different users can easily recreate their treatment conditions. Control Panel must be installed in accordance with local electric code. Steam aerators do not generate steam. A Sioux SF-11 or other steam generator of sufficient size is required for operation.

  • Stainless Steel Mixing Chamber
  • Wall Mounted Control Panel
  • C.P. is programmed and wired
  • Emergency Stop button on control Panel
  • Twist lock plug and 24’ Cord installed on Aerator
  • Digital display offers greater accuracy
  • 8” casters offer great mobility
  • 230 volt single (27 amp) or 3 phase (15.5 amp)
  • Extension cords available
  • Inlet: 2” FTP
  • Outlet: 4” Male Cam
Wireless Transmitter

Many variables affect transmitter distance but receiver should be within 50’ of treatment cart. The transmitters come with a NEMA 4X enclosure to attach them directly to the temperature probe.


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Hummert’s Steam Aerator
40-2760-1210 STEAM AERATOR 230 VOLT
208/230V502EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
40-2760-9210 STEAM AERATOR
208/230V502EA(?)-1 --- 1$12,920.00
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