Galcon GalPro Controllers

Galcon GalPro Controllers

GalPro is available in either a battery operated controller for independent, “standalone” irrigation for greenhouse, nursery or field or the controller is available in AC line voltage.


  • Available in 4 or 8 zones
  • DC Latching output saves battery life
  • The GalPro Controls 4 or 8 solenoid valves, master water valve, fertilizer injector or pump, 2 filters and an alarm


Technical Specifications:

  • Number of outputs in Gal Pro 4: 9 (4 valves, master, fertilizer pump, 2 filters and alarm)
  • Number of outputs in Gal Pro 8: 13 (8 valves, master, fertilizer pump, 2 filters and alarm). Number of Inputs: 8 (4 water counters, 1 fertilizer counter, 3 condition inputs)
  • Input Voltage Gal Pro DC: 6 volts (requires 4-1.5 VDC D type Alkaline batteries, installed in the controller)
  • The GalPro AC controller has a built-in 24 vac transformer and requires a 120 volt line to be hardwired to the controller. (then the voltage output is for 24vac solenoids)
  • Type of Solenoids for GalPro DC: DC electric valves, described below, 12 VDC latching, 2 wire. Pulse Duration: 20 mS to 200mS - programmable
  • Dimensions: 9” H (23 cm) x 11.8” L (30 cm) x 5.2” W (13 cm)
  • Irrigation Programming According to: Cubic Liters, liters, gallons per minute, seconds, minutes, &/or hours
  • Fertilization Programming According to: Minutes, liter/M3, and calculated proportional including water before and after
  • Filter Flushing: Up to 2 filters according to time, water quantity or PD switch
  • Irrigation Day Definition: According to cycle days or days of the week
  • Irrigation Cycles per Day: From 1 to 255 per day
  • Diaries (accumulation of data): Alarm and event records of irrigation activity. Up to 128 events
  • Timing of Opening and Closing Valves: Full control of operation order of the master valve and the irrigation valves at the beginning and end of irrigation
  • Manual Control: Full manual control of sequences and valves including control of irrigation outside of the program timetable
  • External Conditions: 3 input conditions that enable operating, pausing, starting and stopping the irrigation according to condition elements with dry contacts. And one for rain sensor. See page 308 for Rain Sensor
  • Alarms: The controller displays all types of alarms during the irrigation and fertilization. It is possible to define automatic alarm canceling. In addition the alarm output can be connected to a cellular text message sender
  • Saving Data: The controller saves all of the definitions and irrigation programs even when the power supply is disconnected. The data that are not saved are: time, date and accumulations
  • Complete directions are included for installation and programming
  • The GalPro AC controller provides all the programming options and functions as the DC controller. A 9V battery can be connected in order to preserve all the data during a power failure

NOTE: This is a very sophisticated controller and is designed to provide a multitude of functions, however, not all optional controller functions need to be used or programmed for easy, day to day operations


DC Electric Latching Solenoid Valves

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Galcon GalPro Controllers
20-0274-1DC4 ZONE-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0276-1DC8 ZONE-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0278-1AC4 ZONE-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0280-1AC8 ZONE-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only