Hummert's Media Steamer Carts

Hummert's Media Steamer Carts

Hummert’s Media Steamers are designed to provide complete and uniform penetration of aerated steam throughout the load when used in combination with a 210 Steam Aerator and Sioux SF-11 steam generator.  Soil, pots, plant material, even tools can be placed into the cart to be steam treated at the desired temperature.  Several sizes are available to fit your treatment needs.  We can also manufacture custom carts with or without wheels & almost any size or style to fit your specific needs. Please email or call 800-325-3055 for more information.

  • The compact size of the 14 Media Steamer cart (1/2 cubic yard) is perfect for use inside a greenhouse.
  • For bigger jobs the 54 Media Steamer cart holds up to 2 cubic yards of media.
  • Fold the sides down on the 14 or 54 carts to make a perfect portable potting table.
  • To open the side panels lift the latch pin and lower the door until it hits the positive down stop.
  • For easier cleanout, while holding the door, pull the pins higher and then the door can be lowered completely down.
  • All models of the Hummert Media Steamer Carts have king pin steering to keep the wheels at the corners, even while turning.
  • The 54 Media Cart features torsion suspension on all 4- wheels for better tracking over rough terrain.
  • NEW Hydraulic Dumping Media Steamer Carts are available in 2 (55HDMS) & 3-1/2 (95HDMS) cubic yard sizes.
  • 120 volt hydraulic pump has cord quick removal feature on the control box, comes with necessary twist lock female cord end to attach on the end of your wiring.
  • A 4-position “joystick” makes unloading simple.
  • “Joystick” controls the unloading features.  Move the lever to the side to open the back gate, then push away to raise the treatment chamber to unload the contents.  After emptying reverse the movements to lower and close.
  • Treat up to 3,000 pounds of material in the hydraulic dump carts.
  • Under ideal conditions treatment times can be less than one hour.


  • Canvas Covers are used to increase the penetration of the aerated steam to decrease treatment times.
  • The 14SC & 54SC Steam Cart Covers are made for a custom fit and held in place by elastic cords.
  • The model HSC-C Roll Cover for the 55DSC & 95DSC Dumping Carts attach to one side of the cart and a crank is used to roll it open or closed.
  • Under ideal conditions average treatment times can be less than 1 hour


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Hummert's Media Steamer Carts
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