Link4 iGrow Panels & Cabinets

Integrated Panels

Our integrated panels & iGrow controllers are designed to work together. The result is an easy to use, cost-effective, quality system designed & built for efficient operation.


  • Typically, a lot of customers fail to realize that they need a UL panel for each greenhouse controller, resulting in added costs & installation delays. Link4 designs & builds all of our panels to work efficiently with our greenhouse controllers. It’s a one-stop complete system that also keeps your costs down.
  • Link4 Integrated panels combine a UL high-voltage panel with an iGrow 100 Series controller. These panels come pre-wired & pre-tested in order to ensure top quality & to prevent wiring errors from delaying your work in the future & costing you more money in electrician bills. With an Integrate Panel, you can wire high-voltage directly into the box for immediate use!
  • Integrated Panels are not intended for two speed fans.


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Contactor Cabinets
  • In order to interface low voltage controls to line voltage equipment an optional pre-wired relay/contactor cabinet is required
  • Link4 custom cabinets are UL listed & are designed & manufactured for your project
  • Cabinets include factory installed transformer, contactors & relays
  • Included are custom drawings showing all sensor & equipment connections.


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To ensure your order's accuracy, please carefully READ ALL PARTS of chart below. Examine model number, specifications, etc. of each item before entering a quantity.  PLEASE NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. Shipping, handling and freight charges are not included in prices shown.

Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Integrated Panels
29-0114-1M1 4X30A PRIGROW 400-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0116-1M2 2X12A+2X18AIGROW 400-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0118-1M1 4X30A PRIGROW 800-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0120-1M2 2X12A+2X18AIGROW 800-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0122-1M3 2X10A+3X12AIGROW 800-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0124-1M4 2X10A+3X12A+3X18AIGROW 800-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0126-1M5 8X10AIGROW 800-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
Contactor Cabinets
29-0128-1M1 4X30A POWER RELAYSTANDARD-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0130-1M2 2X12A RELAYS + 2X18A CONTACTORSSTANDARD-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0132-1M3 2X10A RELAYS & 3X12A CONTACTORSSTANDARD-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0134-1M4 2X10A RELAYS & 3X12A + 3X18A CONTACTORSSTANDARD-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-0136-1M5 8X10A RELAYSSTANDARD-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only