PERpose Plus™

PERpose Plus™

Hydrogen Dioxide

Group - Oxidizey

Description: A broad spectrum algaecide and fungicide that does not contain peracetic acid like others on the market

Mode of action: It oxidizes the outer cell membrane of vegetative endorspore, yeast and mold spore cells, fungus and algae 

Labeled for: Greenhouses, nurseries, agriculture, commercial
turf, evaporative coolers, hard surfaces and equipment

Diseases: Algae, downy mildew, phytophthora, pythium, black spot, rhizoctonia, fusarium, &
powdery mildew

Crops: Ornamentals, vegetable, fruit, tobacco, seedlings, trees, flowering plants

Benefits: It is formulated and specifically engineered to include a patented, proprietary blend of stabilizers and buffers to counteract phytotoxicity; does not contain peracetic acid

Precautions: Corrosive; must be diluted

Signal word: Danger; EPA No: 86729-1

Rate: 1.5-2 oz per gallon of water

REI: 0



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PERpose Plus™
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