Little Giant® Submersible and Dual Purpose Pumps

Little Giant® Submersible and Dual Purpose Pumps

Little Giant Submersible Pumps operate when completely submerged. (Models P-AAA, 1-AA, 1-MA, No. 1, 2E-N and 4E-34N). Because they are hermetically sealed, motor windings can never become wet. All Die Cast Aluminum Pumps are covered with a corrosion resistant coating. Each is filled with a special oil that provides lifetime lubrication and rapid dissipation of heat through housing. All Pumps are UL listed.

Little Giant Dual Purpose Pumps are equipped with threaded intakes and discharges for use in a closed line system (open air) where piping is to the intake and discharge (Models I-42 and 3E-12N). Model 3E- 12N is equipped with filter screen for use in submerged application. All Pumps are UL listed.

1) P-AAA 2) 3E-12N Dual Purpose 3) 4E-34N 4) NO.1 5) 1-AA 6) 1-42A Dual Purpose 7) 2-EN 8) 1-MA

  • Model P-AAA 120 GPH.
  • Corrosion-resistant glass-filled nylon housing. 1/4” MNPT discharge. Resists corrosion where metal is introduced into water. Unit can be placed on any of five sides for economy of space. Screen is flush with pump side allowing more complete fluid pick up. Impedance protected. Specifically designed for small statuaries and fountains.
  • Model 3E-12N 500 GPH.
  • Dual Purpose Pump featuring 1/2” FNPT?intake and 1/2” MNPT discharge. Viton seal. Removable nylon screen. For larger water display installations where greater pumping capacity is needed.
  • Model 4E-34N 710 GPH.
  • Super nylon pumping head, impeller and screen. 3/4” threaded FNPT intake and 1/2” MNPT discharge. Thermally protected. Excellent for larger waterfall and fountain installations, and aerating and circulating decorative ponds.
  • Model No. 1 205 GPH.
  • Same as Model 1-A, with slightly greater pumping capacity.
  • Model 1-AA 170GPH.
  • Polypropylene front and impeller with polyethylene screen. 1/4” vertical MNPT discharge, and 3’ power cord.  Designed for miniature statuary, small fountains and small waterfall applications.
  • Model 1-42A 170 GPH.
  • A smaller model of the Dual Purpose pumps, features 1/4” MNPT vertical discharge and versatile 1/2” MNPT?or 1/4” FNPT?horizontal intake. Ideal for small fountains and waterfall installations where concealment is desired or space is a factor.
  • Model 2-EN 300 GPH.
  • Super nylon pumping head and impeller with molded nylon screen. 1/4” MNPT discharge, Thermally protected. Hooded intake allows fluid pick up closer to surface. Ideal medium size pump for multi-purpose home and garden use.
  • Model 1-MA 170 GPH.
  • Polypropylene front and impeller with polyethylene screen. 1/4” vertical MNPT discharge. Side intake reduces debris pick up as in bottom intake. Rectangular housing saves space in use with small waterfall and fountain installations.


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Little Giant® Submersible and Dual Purpose Pumps
65-6083-11-42A 1/4 MALE NPT115V 6FT0.33EA(?)-1 --- 5Wholesale Only
65-6083-21-42A 1/4 MALE NPT6/CS 1-421.98CS(?)61 --- UPWholesale Only
65-6083-91-42A 1/4 MALE NPT1-420.33EA(?)-1 --- UP$134.00