Duckbill® Anchoring System

Duckbill® Anchoring System

Saving time and labor, patented Duckbill® earth anchors work like toggle bolts in soil.
Duckbill Anchors are driven into the ground with no holes, no digging, and minimal soil disturbance creating a safe and environmentally sensitive installation.
An upward pull, the anchor tendon rotates the Duckbill® into a perpendicular “anchor lock” position in undisturbed soil resulting in superior holding capacities.



The Duckbill® offers the most effective, lightweight, economical solution to any anchoring application, from large to small.
Ideal for:

Tree Support      Tree Revetments
 Fences                 Turf Reinforcement
 Structures           Sheds
 Tents                   Theft deterrent
 Towers                Vineyards
 Scaffolding         And More


DUCKBILL ANCHORS will not corrode or rust, and the cable is high strength galvanized steel.  Made of high impact and shock resistant Tenzaloy aluminum alloy.

  • Model 40-DB1
  • Use DR-2 steel drive rod with 3/8” round tip 2’ long to install Model 40 anchor.  With hammer drive anchor into ground at desired angle until only top half of loop remains above ground.
  • Model 68-DB1
  • Use 3 or 4 lb. hammer to drive Model 68 into ground, using 1/2” round steel drive rod 3 feet long.  Drive into ground until only top half of loop remains above ground.
  • Model 88-DB1
  • In extremely hard soils Model 88 can be driven with power equipment using a power drive rod with a 3/4” round tip at least 6” long to fit in the anchor barrel.  Or, pre-drill a 2” hole to the desired depth.
  • Model 138-DB1
  • Should be installed with power equipment with a 1” round tip at least 9” long to fit in the anchor barrel.  Or, pre-drill a 2 1/2” to 3” hole to the desired depth.



To ensure your order's accuracy, please carefully READ ALL PARTS of chart below. Examine model number, specifications, etc. of each item before entering a quantity.  PLEASE NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. Shipping, handling and freight charges are not included in prices shown.

Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Duckbill® Anchoring System
53-0079-140-DB1 300 LBS.40-DB-10.07EA(?)-1 --- 49Wholesale Only
53-0079-240-DB1 300 LBS.50 X 40-DB-13.5CS(?)501 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0079-940-DB1 300 LBS.40-DB-10.07EA(?)-1 --- UP$6.09
53-0080-168-DB1 1100 LBS.68-DB-10.3EA(?)-1 --- 23Wholesale Only
53-0080-268-DB1 1100 LBS.24 X 68-DB-17.2CS(?)241 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0080-968-DB1 1100 LBS.68-DB-10.3EA(?)-1 --- UP$12.35
53-0081-188-DB1 3000 LBS.88-DB-10.91EA(?)-1 --- 11Wholesale Only
53-0081-288-DB1 3000 LBS.12 X 88-DB-110.92CS(?)121 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0081-988-DB1 3000 LBS.88-DB-10.91EA(?)-1 --- UP$31.60
53-0082-1138-DB1 5000 LBS.138-DB-12.66EA(?)-1 --- 11Wholesale Only
53-0082-2138-DB1 5000 LBS.12X 138-DB-131.92CS(?)121 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0082-9138-DB1 5000 LBS.138-DB-12.66EA(?)-1 --- UP$67.50
53-0090-1DS-40 2' LONG 3/8" DIA. STEEL RODDS-401EA(?)-1 --- 9Wholesale Only
53-0090-2DS-40 2' LONG 3/8" DIA. STEEL ROD10 X DS-4010CS(?)101 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0090-9DS-40 2' LONG 3/8" DIA. STEEL RODDS-401EA(?)-1 --- UP$12.05
53-0091-1DS-68 3' LONG 1/2" DIA. STEEL RODDS-682EA(?)-1 --- 9Wholesale Only
53-0091-2DS-68 3' LONG 1/2" DIA. STEEL ROD10 X DS-6820CS(?)101 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0091-9DS-68 3' LONG 1/2" DIA. STEEL RODDS-682EA(?)-1 --- UP$14.90
53-0092-1DS-88 4' LONG 3/4" DIA. STEEL RODDS-886EA(?)-1 --- 3Wholesale Only
53-0092-2DS-88 4' LONG 3/4" DIA. STEEL RODDS-8824CS(?)41 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0094-140-DTS 300 LBS.40DTS0.83EA(?)-1 --- 11Wholesale Only
53-0094-240-DTS 300 LBS.12 X 40-DTS9.96CS(?)121 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0094-940-DTS 300 LBS.40-DTS0.83EA(?)-1 --- UP$37.20
53-0095-168-DTS 1100 LBS.68-DTS4EA(?)-1 --- 5Wholesale Only
53-0095-268-DTS 1100 LBS.6 X 68-DTS24CS(?)61 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0095-968-DTS 1100 LBS.68-DTS4EA(?)-1 --- UP$75.50
53-0096-188-DTS 3000 LBS.88-DTS7.5EA(?)-1 --- 3Wholesale Only
53-0096-288-DTS 3000 LBS.4 X 88-DTS30CS(?)41 --- UPWholesale Only
53-0096-988-DTS 3000 LBS.88-DTS7.5EA(?)-1 --- UP$190.00