Approximately 65 shells per oz

Self Pollinating

  • 95-100 Days, 3" Pod, 18-22” Bush
  • Raw in shell peanut
  • Thought to be the sweetest of the four groups of Peanuts
  • Valencia matures earlier than the other three varieties and produces a larger more attractive legume
  • Peanuts grow into an upright bush
  • 30-35 days after germination the peanut bush will begin to flower
  • The self–pollinating flowers will bloom for 1-1/2 days
  • 5 days later the stalk will elongate into what is called a “peg”
  • The peg will burrow underground to produce the legumes, peanuts, under the soil
  • Leaves will begin to yellow and whither when the peanuts are ready to be harvested
  • Pull and invert whole plant for 3-4 days to allow peanuts to dry
  • Then harvest your legumes from their bush and store properly


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