Ludy Greenhouses

Ludy Greenhouses

SL Series

Aluminum, peak-roof SL Series greenhouses are ideal for research, retailers and institutions needing a high-quality structure that will last a very long time. This strong, versatile design is easily adapted to local structural building codes throughout the country. The flagship of Ludy’s, the SL Series is a low maintenance, aluminum frame that can be customized to fit your needs.

R/S II Series

Steel, peak-roof R/S II series greenhouses are ideal for garden centers, schools, research and institutions needing a high-quality structure at an affordable price. The heart of the R/S II is a low-maintenance, galvanized, rust-resistant frame.

EZ-Up Direct

The Ludy EZ-Up Direct has been developed to benefit growers as well as retailers by utilizing features that work to save you money and improve plant quality. The open roof design allows maximum light, while releasing excess heat. Therefore, reducing the amount of equipment required and lowering operating cost.

Patriot II

Steel, arch-roof Patriot II greenhouses are engineered for value from the ground up. Featuring a low-maintenance, galvanized, rust-resistant frame. This strong, versatile design easily accommodates local structural building codes and climatic conditions throughout the country. Trusses attach directly to square tube columns, with all members converging of a single point atop the column - the strongest design possible. Trusses and connectors are factory-assembled and welded, ensuring consistent quality.


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