Mantis Classic 2 Cycle Tiller/Cultivator

Mantis Classic 2 Cycle Tiller/Cultivator
  • Tilling width: 9”
  • Tilling depth: 10”
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Engine: 2-cycle/21.2cc
  • Starting/operating: Recoil start
  • Throttle: Variable speed
  • Tines: spin at up to 240 rpm
  • Reliable easy-to-start engine: Commercial grade two-cycle engine with push button priming for quick, easy starts, time after time
  • Throttle-activated centrifugal clutch: Tines engage only when you squeeze the throttle to give you greater control. You won’t have to worry about a “runaway” tiller
  • Virtually indestructible power train: Precision steel-cut gear system in heavy-duty cast housing for durability
  • Compact design: Easily gets into tight places where no big tiller can go
  • Lightweight
  • High-speed operation: Revolving at 240 rpm the tines make fast work of many gardening chores.
  • Able to cultivate or weed a 30’ x 40’ garden in just 20 minutes
  • Patented reversible “serpentine” tines: The exclusive design helps dig deep even into the hardest soil, instead of bouncing around like other mini-tillers
  • Lifetime guarantee against broken tines
  • Comfortable grips
  • Several optional tiller attachments: Makes these tillers versatile allowing you to accomplish many garden and yard care projects faster and easier. The tiller attachments install in just minutes.

Optional Attachments


  • Lawn Dethatcher: Quickly removes weeds and thatch. The 60 spring-steel picks let you dethatch a 15” swath with a single pass.
  • Hedge Trimmers: Helps you keep your shrubs, trees and hedges shaped just the way you like them. Cut branches up to 1” thick. Tiller engine mounts on hedge trimmer bar.
  • Planter/Furrower: 2 tines dig deep, 6” wide furrows in any soil! Perfect for tomato plants, corn, beans, potato eyes, asparagus roots, onion sets, and flower bulbs. Great for tilling in narrow areas, creating raised beds, cutting trenches for underground irrigation hoses, or for installing low-voltage lighting.
  • Border Edger: Creates sharp, clean edges around paths, flower beds and bushes. Wheel and hardened spring-steel blade attaches easily to your tiller.
  • Tiller Kickstand: Just like a bicycle kickstand, this allows you to park your tiller anywhere! Attaches easily to the base of the tiller handles, and flips up or down for instant use. Durable solid steel construction.

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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Mantis Classic 2 Cycle Tiller/Cultivator
38-9502-1CLASSIC TILLER21.2 CC20EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
38-9512-1DOULBLE BLADE HEDGE TRIMMER24" DOUBLE-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
38-9512-9DOULBLE BLADE HEDGE TRIMMER24" DOUBLE-EA(?)-1 --- 1$225.00
38-9520-1PLANTER/FURROWER--EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
38-9520-9PLANTER/FURROWER--EA(?)-1 --- 1$69.95
38-9525-1BORDER/EDGER--EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
38-9525-9BORDER/EDGER--EA(?)-1 --- 1$49.95