Conley Greenhouses

Conley Greenhouses

The Gable Series 7500 has become an industry standard production house, education or retail structure. Compatible with multiple covering options and ventilation designs, this greenhouse offers an ideal environment for just about any application.

Arch 6500

A tradition in and of itself, Conley’s Arch Series 6500 represents one of the most versatile greenhouses on the market today. Incorporating Conley’s superior strength roll-formed arches and purlins, this structure is as strong as it is functional. With its flush mounted purlin design, the Arch Series 6500 can be adapted to polyethylene or rigid covered roofs all while promoting built in condensate control features.

Ranger 2000

Whether starting out or in an expansion mode, the versatility of the Ranger Series 2000 offers a natural no nonsense solution for obtaining maximum productivity while reducing capital investment. The Ranger Series 2000 works as a growing area, educational greenhouse or retail center. It can be covered with polyethylene, shade cloth or rigid coverings including 8 mm polycarbonate. Almost 60 years of experience go into each Ranger Series 2000 fabrication. Every detail has been field tested and refined for customer satisfaction.

Free Air 4000

Conley’s FREEAIR SERIES 4000 has a proven track record for consistently harnessing “Natural Ventilation” to is maximum potential even in “hard to grow in” warm weather climates. Optional roll up walls and retractable overhead shade systems help to create the superb efficiencies achieved.

Free Air 5000

Combines proven ventilation technology with structural ingenuity. The arch roof profile of this structure is ideally suited for polyethylene covering, giving the grower optimized growing environments at reduced capital investments. Adaptable to Conley’s full line of oversized roll-up curtains and automated shade systems, this structure represents one of the most efficiently designed naturally ventilated greenhouses on the market today.

Superstar 3000

Conley’s Super Star Series 3000 greenhouse offers the grower a unique combination of increased strength at extremely affordable prices. Certified to meet up to 85 MPH wind loads and 12 lb snow loads, this structure incorporates Conley’s roll-form arch and purlin assembles. The Super Star Series are a bolt-together design. A fully functional greenhouse, this structure can be fitted with roof vents, sidewall vents, fans, heaters, shade/heat retention systems, benches, etc.

Superstar 3600

The Super Star Series 3600 represents one of the real “workhorses” within Conley’s line of poly covered roof greenhouses. Incorporating 3” tall roll-form arch assemblies, this greenhouse is as equally comfortable in warmer regions as it is in extreme snow and wind climates. Utilize this house in conjunction with Conley’s ridge vents to create one of the more optimum environments for your plants.

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