Bartlett Greenhouse Controllers

Bartlett Greenhouse Controllers


  • Two zones of control allows for 2 greenhouses or 2 zones within a greenhouse to be controlled
  • The 2 zones provide for 2 stages of heat set points, 2 Horizontal Air Fans (HAF) and 4 cooling set points
  • The controllers can be wired to allow 1 HAF to be automatically turned off within each zone when the second stage of cooling is activated
  • There is a cycle timer that allows on/off control of irrigation, misting or lighting. The misting cycle allows for settings in seconds on and minutes off
  • DIF, DAY and NITE settings provide programming the start times and set-point temperatures of each stage
  • A program can be set-up for vent stage control for dehumidification based on time or for automatic control with the optional humidification
  • package
  • There is also an alarm output that can trigger a bell or Sensaphone when the greenhouse temperature becomes too high or low or power loss is
  • experienced
  • The LED display features a large 4-digit display
  • The durable plastic enclosure is sealed for moisture resistance
  • Programming is easy with the provided instructions
  • The controller has a built in 24-hour clock and memory with battery backup. A 10 year battery is installed for clock memory. Informational data is
  • stored in non-volatile memory, assuring no loss of programming occurs during a power outage
  • Statistics are collected for the previous 7 days of operation and viewable at the controller
  • There is an adjustable override of temperature settings
  • There are two temperature sensors provided that can be placed up to 500’ from the controller
  • The controller comes with UL listed 50VA transformer.  The controller can be powered by 120, 208 or 240 VAC. The output is 24V AC
  • An optional humidity sensor can be installed to sense and record humidity

Models GHK12X2C and GHK12X2CH

  • The models GHK12X2C and CH allow for the programming of proportional control of vents or curtains

Models GHK12X2H and GHK12X2CH

  • The models GHK12X2H and CH provide additional heating control such as for bench heating. Up to 4 probes can be wired to these 2 controllers


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Bartlett Greenhouse Controllers
29-5020-1GHK12X2--EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-5020-9GHK12X2--EA(?)-1 --- 1$630.00
29-5021-1GHK12X2C--EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-5022-1GHK12X2HGHK12X2H-EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
29-5023-1GHK12X2CH--EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only