Pak Pest and Predator Control

Pak Pest and Predator Control

Pollination Chambers & Seed Cage Covers

PAK insect screen covers are made of rugged, UV resistant polypropylene fabric and have a long history of use on insect-proof cages erected to enclose flowering crops. The covers arrive ready to install with your choice of edge reinforcement tape, double-stitched monofilament thread, 12” mud flaps, downward closing zippers, Velcro flaps or nylon tie-down straps. We custom fabricate your covers to fit most any size cage from 2’H x 2’W x 2’L to 8’H x 40’W x 200’L or larger.

Woven HDPE Insect Screen

PAK Insect Screening is a finely woven, UV resistant, high-density polyethylene fabric. Great care is taken in the production of this fabric to ensure uniformity of weave and strength. The fabric’s construction ranges from 20x20 to 52x52, and the actual hole sizes range from 38x38 mils to 11x11 mils.

Quonset Insect Covers

PAK’s custom-made covers are made of UV resistant, woven, light-transmitting material that helps exclude unwanted pests and confine beneficial insects in your quonset or cold frame structure. The material is also breathable, which aids ventilation and helps protect crops from sun, wind and rain. Our covers are made from a lightweight, durable fabric with reinforced seams; UV stabilized, monofilament, sewing thread and optional solid brass spread grommets. Our covers can be made to the specific dimensions of your quonset or cold frame.

PAK BLOCKADE Insect Screen

PAK BLOCKADE Insect Screen is a finely woven, UV resistant fabric. The fabric's unique design gives it an extremely fine mesh but with great airflow characteristics. The fabric is lightweight, durable, abrasion resistant and is available in specific designs for the control of whiteflies, thrips and more. The fabric's construction ranges from 15x20 to 55x25, and the actual hole sizes range from 43x32 mils to 9.5x29.5 mils.

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