Sureroots Plug Trays

Sureroots Plug Trays

15 Cavity

  • Provides top surface ventilation for upward air flow, reducing moisture and controlling the spread of disease
  • Features dual drainage with its 1.25” die cut holes and side drainage
  • V-shaped design from top-to-bottom prevents root wrapping and promotes healthier roots
  • Dimensions: 12.52” W x 20.88” L x 4.59” D
  • Max dry volume: 33.07 cu in
  • 25/case
Sureroots Plug Trays

38 Cavity

  • Ideal propagation tray for plants that require deep rooted seedlings for successful transplanting
  • V-shaped root guide ribs from top to bottom to prevent root wrapping
  • X bottom for air root pruning
  • X bottom has V-shaped bands on the inside to guide roots to center of cell bottom opening for effective air pruning
  • Dimensions: 10.94” W x 21.44” L x 4.98” D
  • Max dry volume: 14 cu in
  • 25/case
Sureroots Plug Trays

50 Cavity

  • Heavy gauge to support filled weight on a railing-style or flat bench
  • V-shaped root guide ribs from top to bottom
  • X-bottom for air root pruning
  • X-bottom has V-shaped bands on the inside to prevent root stoppage
  • Bottom has center round hole compatible with most dislodging systems
  • Top surface ventilation provides increased upward air flow throughout the tray, minimizing moisture that leads to spread of disease
  • Made from 100% reclaimed resins, 100% recyclable after use
  • Size: 10.94” W x 21.44” L x 5” D
  • Max dry volume: 11.90 cu in
  • 25/case

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Sureroots Plug Trays
11-7018-1-25/CS25CS(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
11-7018-2-25/CS25CS(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
11-7020-1-25/CS20CS(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
11-7020-2-25/CS20CS(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
11-7020-9-25/CS20CS(?)-1 --- UP$108.00
11-7026-1-25/CS23CS(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
11-7026-2-25/CS23CS(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
11-7026-9-25/CS23CS(?)-1 --- UP$107.00