Fertil Dispenser

Fertil Dispenser
  • The Fertil Dispenser is a unique dispenser for coated, granular and powder fertilizers or chemicals providing very accurate and fast applications of measured doses to individual plants
  • The dispensing mechanism can be easily set to any dose between 2 and 25 grams (.07 oz to .9 oz;  or less than ½ teaspoon to 5.5 teaspoons)
  • The Fertil Dispenser saves time and can fertilize up to 1,500 plants per hour
  • A metered amount of material is applied with the press of a lever
  • Productivity, speed and accuracy will increase fourfold due to the easy-to-use settings and design of the dispenser, resulting in substantially reduced costs
  • Uniform and precise, the Fertil Dispenser can significantly improve the quality and the uniformity of your crops
  • The highly accurate dispensing mechanism ensures precise and constant dosages, with each container receiving exactly the same amount of fertilizer
  • Ergonomic in shape, the Fertil Dispenser is lightweight and easy to use, so anybody can use it for extended periods of time with no training required
  • Padded shoulder straps reduce stress on user
  • The Fertil Dispenser is an indispensable and irreplaceable for the quick application tool fertilizers or chemicals
  • A proven solution for: tree nurseries, container plant production, fruit and vegetable growing and public green areas

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Fertil Dispenser
06-7350-1-2GM-25GM11.5EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
06-7350-9-2GM-25GM11.5EA(?)-1 --- 1$440.00