Steel Edging Accessory Items

Steel Edging Accessory Items

END STAKES - Used to secure cut off edging sections at the end.  Covers sharp edges and gives a professional look to project.  10 gauge, 13” long, .6 lb green.

CORNER STAKE - Designed to join two cut off pieces of edging to make a solid 90º corner.  Size 9”L x 5.5“W x 6.25”H. 1.1 lb each.

SPLICING STAKE -Covers the edging ends where cut off pieces are joined together in a straight line. Made of 14 gauge steel painted green.  Length 13” long, 1.2 lb each.

VINYL TRIM CAP - Green in color, it is used to cover the top edging of 14, 12 & 11 gauge edging. Great for around pools and other high traffic areas. Available in 25’ rolls; weight, 1.5 lbs each.

END PIECE - Used to square off an end and provides stake slots for the starting end of the first section of edging. Made of 14 gauge steel painted green. 8.5”L x 4”W x 4”H; supplied with 2 stakes; weight 2 lbs.

SHORT SECTIONS - Available in 2’ long (model 142SS) and 4’long (model 144SS).  For use with pre-formed corners and other edging products.   Made of 14 gauge steel painted green.  2’: 2.5 lbs.; 4’: 4.2 lbs.

EXTRA STAKES - Made of 14 gauge steel painted green.  Extra stakes  for securing edging and accessories. 13” long, .5 lb.

GREEN PAINT - In aerosol can for use in  touch up, color is same as edging. 9.75 oz.


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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Steel Edging Accessory Items
55-0083-110ES- END STAKES-0.5EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0083-210ES- 8MM END CLOSURE-0.5EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0083-310ES- END STAKES-0.5EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0083-910ES- END STAKES-0.5EA(?)-1 --- UP$2.79
55-0084-110XS4- EXTRA STAKESEACH0.5EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0084-210XS4- EXTRA STAKESEACH0.5EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0084-310XS4- EXTRA STAKESEACH0.5EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0084-910XS4- EXTRA STAKESEACH0.5EA(?)-1 --- UP$1.09
55-0088-1GREEN PAINT, AEROSOL9.75 OZ0.9EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0088-2GREEN PAINT, AEROSOL9.75 OZ0.9EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0088-3GREEN PAINT, AEROSOL9.75 OZ0.9EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0088-9GREEN PAINT, AEROSOL9.75 OZ0.9EA(?)-1 --- UP$9.99
55-0091-1144SS- SHORT SECTION - 484 FOOT3.5EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0091-2144SS- SHORT SECTION - 484 FOOT3.5EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0091-3144SS- SHORT SECTION - 484 FOOT3.5EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0091-9144SS- SHORT SECTION - 484 FOOT3.5EA(?)-1 --- UP$8.69
55-0092-114EP- END PIECE14EP0.5EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0092-214EP- END PIECE14EP0.5EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0092-314EP END PIECE14EP0.5EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0092-914EP- END PIECE14EP0.5EA(?)-1 --- UP$3.79
55-0093-114SS- SPLICING STAKE14SS1.75EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0093-214SS- SPLICING STAKE14SS1.75EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0093-314SS- SPLICING STAKE14SS1.75EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0093-914SS- SPLICING STAKE14SS1.75EA(?)-1 --- UP$3.29
55-0094-114CS- CORNER STAKE14CS1.1EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0094-214CS- CORNER STAKE14CS1.1EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0094-314CS- CORNER STAKE14CS1.1EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only
55-0094-914CS- CORNER STAKE14CS1.1EA(?)-1 --- UP$4.49
55-0095-1142SS- SHORT SECTION - 24"2 FOOT1.75EA(?)-1 --- 19Wholesale Only
55-0095-2142SS- SHORT SECTION - 24"2 FOOT1.75EA(?)-20 --- 49Wholesale Only
55-0095-3142SS- SHORT SECTION - 24"2 FOOT1.75EA(?)-50 --- UPWholesale Only