DeWitt Crop Protection Fabrics

DeWitt Crop Protection Fabrics

Don’t take a chance when winter comes
Protect your crops with DeWitt protective fabrics

.5 oz Deluxe - provides up to 4 degree freeze protection
1 oz Deluxe Plus - fabric protects vegetation from frost by raising temperatures beneath the fabric by 4 - 6 degrees
1.5 oz Supreme - fabric protects flowering annuals, bedding plants and vegetables from severe cold and freezing.  Temperatures beneath the fabric are 6 - 8 degrees warmer than outside temperatures.
2.5 oz Ultimate - provides freeze protection 10 degrees or more than outside conditions. The Ultimate is the most durable and effective product available for “all winter” protection for your perennials and other ornamentals.other ornamentals.

 DeluxeDeluxe PlusSupremeUltimate
Weight per Sq Yd.511.52.5
Daytime Temp Increase
Earlier Yields  
Emergency Freeze Protection  
Improved Quality
Increased Yield
Insect Control   
Over Wintering 
Reduced Winter Kill


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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
DeWitt Crop Protection Fabrics
26-9100-1DELUXE 0.5 OZ6'X 250'7EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9100-9DELUXE 0.5 OZ6'X 250'7EA(?)-1 --- UP$32.80
26-7635-1NS-1210' X 12'1.58EA(?)-1 --- 11Wholesale Only
26-7635-2NS-1212X 10'X12'19CS(?)121 --- UPWholesale Only
26-7635-9NS-1210' X 12'1.58EA(?)-1 --- UP$11.85
26-7636-1NS-1225012'X 250'31EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-7636-2NS-1225012'X 250'31EA(?)-5 --- UPWholesale Only
26-7636-9NS-1225012'X 250'31EA(?)-1 --- UP$170.00
26-9104-1DELUXE 0.5 OZ12' X 1000'41EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9104-9DELUXE 0.5 OZ12' X 1000'41EA(?)-1 --- UP$215.00
26-9105-1DELUXE 0.5 OZ12' X 500'23EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9105-9DELUXE 0.5 OZ12' X 500'23EA(?)-1 --- UP$113.00
26-9110-1DELUXE PLUS 1.0 OZ6'X 1000'41EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9110-9DELUXE PLUS 1.0 OZ6'X 1000'41EA(?)-1 --- UP$220.00
26-9111-1DELUXE PLUS 1.0 OZ12'X 1000'82EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9111-9DELUXE PLUS 1.0 OZ12'X 1000'82EA(?)-1 --- UP$473.67
26-9112-1DELUXE PLUS 1.0 OZ36'X 1000'256EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
26-9112-9DELUXE PLUS 1.0 OZ36'X 1000'256EA(?)-1 --- 1$1,560.95
26-9120-1SUPREME 1.5 OZ6'X 500'34EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
26-9120-9SUPREME 1.5 OZ6'X 500'34EA(?)-1 --- 1$150.00
26-9122-1SUPREME 1.5 OZ12'X 500'64EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9122-9SUPREME 1.5 OZ12'X 500'64EA(?)-1 --- UP$300.00
26-9123-1SUPREME 1.5 OZ24'X 500'148EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9123-9SUPREME 1.5 OZ24'X 500'148EA(?)-1 --- UP$670.00
26-9124-1SUPREME 1.5 OZ36'X 500'223EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9124-9SUPREME 1.5 OZ36'X 500'223EA(?)-1 --- UP$990.00
26-9140-1ULTIMATE 3.0 OZ
12'X 250'56EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9140-9ULTIMATE 3.0 OZ
12'X 250'56EA(?)-1 --- UP$320.00
26-9141-1ULTIMATE 3.0 OZ
15'X 250'80EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
26-9141-9ULTIMATE 3.0 OZ
15'X 250'80EA(?)-1 --- UP$400.00
Cannot be shipped UPS. Truck shipments only.