Orbit Super Dial Controller

Orbit Super Dial Controller
  • Reliable, advanced, easy to use & very economical
  • Easy to program using easy-set logic, with large buttons & large, easy to read LCD display
  • Three independent programs as to how often; days of week (Mon., Tue., Wed., etc.), watering intervals every "x" number of days, or odd or even days
  • The SUPER DIAL can be programmed to water/mist multiple times per day from 1 to 99 minutes
  • The lockable cabinet can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Should it be predicted to or it’s raining, a convenient rain delay button postpones the program for 24, 48 or 72 hours, can be connected to a rain sensor
  • The SUPER DIAL is equipped with a cord & plug with a built-in transformer to provide 24 volt power to solenoids
  • Complete & concise installation & operation directions are included


Programming with Easy-Set Logic – Easy to understand & use


  • The SUPER DIAL controller has the capability of having 3 independent programs; A, B or C. Each are independent of the other
  • A program is where all of the sprinkler settings are stored
  • Each independent program (be it A, B or C) consists of a group of individual stations (or zones) are set to a specific start time and run time
  • Many applications only require only one program (such as A) however, multiple programs allow special zones to be set up for drip irrigation, newly seeded lawns or freshly planted areas
  • Using programs to group stations with similar watering needs will maximize irrigation needs & conserve on water as well
  • An excellent feature which is usually unique only on high-end, costly controllers is “water budgeting”. This is also available on the SUPER DIAL controller. This feature allows adjustment range from 10% to 200% by increments of 10%. The default value is 100%. Another great water saver especially after it just rained or hasn't rained for some time; all settings can remain the same
  • All zones can be turned off should it begin to rain by using the optional Rain Sensor

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Orbit Super Dial Controller
20-0119-1-4 STATION3.73EA(?)-1 --- 2Wholesale Only
20-0119-2-3X 4 STATION11.2CS(?)31 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0119-9-4 STATION3.73EA(?)-1 --- UP$90.29
20-0120-1-6 STATION4EA(?)-1 --- 2Wholesale Only
20-0120-2-3X 6 STATION12CS(?)31 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0120-9-6 STATION4EA(?)-1 --- UP$87.50
20-0121-1-9 STATION3.73EA(?)-1 --- 2Wholesale Only
20-0121-2-3X 9 STATION11.2CS(?)31 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0121-9-9 STATION3.73EA(?)-1 --- UP$100.00
20-0122-1-12 STATION3.73EA(?)-1 --- 2Wholesale Only
20-0122-2-3X12 STATION11.2CS(?)31 --- UPWholesale Only
20-0122-9-12 STATION3.73EA(?)-1 --- UP$148.24