Berry Seeders Precision Seeder System

Berry Seeders Precision Seeder System
  • Designed for small to midsize operations.
  • One of the fastest, most accurate and reliable seeders available anywhere.
  • The system uses vacuum to hold the seed in place.  The seeder is placed directly onto the tray to be seeded and the vacuum valve releases the seed on to the tray.
  • Machined aluminum seeder plates are available to seed petunias to pumpkins and everything in between.  The sizes from A - G are listed below with the type of seed that can be used with each plate.
  • Each hole size (A-G) are then available for each cell configuration of an F1020 size tray.  Various plates for F1020 size flats ranging from 32 cell to 512 cells are available as listed below.  Other tray sizes are available as well as custom configurations;  please inquire.
  • The system comes with a seeder plate, vacuum, inspection light, excess seed dumping tray, and excess seed dumping tray holder.
  • The inspection light provides for a quick visual inspection to insure all holes have a seed in them ready to be dropped in place.
  • The Precision Seeder system can seed up to 250 flats per hour.
  • Made of light weight polycarbonate and machined aluminum. Seeder plates have seed channel for more efficient seeding.
  • Seeding Plates are available with countersunk as well as plain holes, depending on the seed type.  Plates B, C, and F can be used to seed the majority  of bedding plant seed.  See below for selecting your tray and seed.  
  • The optional DIBBLER is used to indent media, allowing the seed to fall
  • to the center of the cell.  With a purchase of 3 corresponding seed plates, we will discount a Dibbler at 1/2 price.

Contact Hummert's Sales Department for Further Information and Pricing