Alarm Manager & Wireless Alarm Manager

Alarm Manager & Wireless Alarm Manager

Keep your crop safe with our easy-to-use Alarm Manager and Wireless Alarm Manager. They are both remarkably persistent devices. They continue to call (Alarm Manager) or send text messages (Wireless Alarm Manager) until they receive a response from you.



  • Create a call list with up to 4 phone numbers
  • No need to install a second phone line
  • Assign a "normal-state" for each input
  • Determine a time delay for each input
  • Record a custom message that indicates the location of the alarm (ex: “North house cold”)
  • Monitors eight dry contact inputs
  • Power Alarm calls you if the system’s power is cut off
  • Rechargeable backup battery if any power outages occur
  • Plug-in wall transformer, splitter & phone extension cable included
  • FCC approved & registered
  • Protects your crop by notifying you of dangerous conditions & power outages
  • Continues calling up to four numbers until alarm is acknowledged
  • Meshes with control complexity levels from a simple thermostat (hot/cold) system up to a fully integrated STEP control
  • Easy plug-and-play integration with EnviroSTEP, VersiSTEP, STEP Up & Versatile Vent Controls

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Alarm Manager & Wireless Alarm Manager
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