is a portable, evaporative cooling system that utilizes a unique,
patented housing design and high efficiency, rigid cooling media to produce effective cooling even in high relative humidity conditions.

In areas where heat is undesirable, and traditional air- conditioning is unavailable, impractical or cost prohibitive, Port-A-Cool solves the cooling challenge. It lowers the temperature of the ambient air processed by the unit as much as 20 degrees and then disperses that air over a large square foot area. By using tap water and a power source it cools an area by blowing cooler air, not just circulating the hot air in the area. Being completely portable, it can be moved to the desired area that needs cooling. Easy to operate, clean and maintain.

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MK-47 Mineral Knockout

Add to your port-a-cool unit to help prevent hard water mineral build-up, protect fan components, and extend the life of the unit.

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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
33-3700-1PAC163SVT 16" VERTICAL16"135EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3701-1PACJS2400 24" JETSTREAM24"205EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3701-2PACJS2400 24" JETSTREAM24"205EA(?)-5 --- UPWholesale Only
33-3702-1PAC2K24HP 24" VARIABLE SPEED HIGH PERFORMANCE24" VARIABLE159EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3702-2PAC2K24HP 24" VARIABLE SPEED HIGH PERFORMANCE24" VARIABLE159EA(?)-5 --- UPWholesale Only
33-3702-9PAC2K24HP 24" VARIABLE SPEED HIGH PERFORMANCE24" VARIABLE159EA(?)-1 --- UP$3,190.00
33-3704-1PAC2K36 36" VARIABLE SPEED, BELT DRIVE36" VARIABLE205EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3706-1PAC2K363S 36" THREE SPEED, BELT DRIVE36" THREE210EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3706-9PAC2K363S 36" THREE SPEED, BELT DRIVE36" THREE210EA(?)-1 --- UP$4,260.00
33-3708-1PACACC01 PORT-A-FILLER TANK CADDY W/ DUST COVER50 GALLON-EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3720-1CASTER02 HEAVY-DUTY 6 CASTER KIT (24 & 36 MODELS)8" HD-EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3722-1PACCVR04 PORT-A-COOL COVER FOR 16 UNIT16"-EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3722-2PACCVR04 PORT-A-COOL COVER FOR 16 UNIT16"-EA(?)-5 --- UPWholesale Only
33-3724-1PACCVR01 PORT-A-COOL COVER FOR 24 AND 36 UNIT24" OR 36"-EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
MK-47 Mineral Knockout
33-3728-1--0.65EA(?)-1 --- 4Wholesale Only
33-3728-2-6 X3.9CS(?)65 --- UPWholesale Only
33-3728-9--0.65EA(?)-1 --- UP$57.00