LST Lead Vent & 2R Follower Control

LST Lead Vent & 2R Follower Control

LST Lead Vent Control

This control moves the vent from full open to full close. It relies on the environmental control to send a signal to increment.

  • Manual override toggle switches allow for manual operation
  • Includes a transformer and relays.
  • The LST is a lead vent control; it can signal up to six 2R-Follower Controls, the 2R will follow the lead control.
  • Used with a staged control, STEP 50A, STEP 500, or MiniSTEP, the LST opens the vent in one movement. There are no increments.
  • Used with a computerized control like the EnviroSTEP or the STEP Up, it will Part #M-1001 open in multiple proportions. The computer sends the signal to the LST control.

2R  Follower Vent Control

This vent control should be used in conjunction with a lead control.

  • Manual override toggle switches allow for manual operation
  • Has two relays (hence the name 2R)
  • Does not include a transformer; receives power from lead controller
  • 2R enables additional vents to reproduce the movements sent via the lead control, where it draws power – not a stand-alone unit.
  • Connect up to six 2R followers to a Versatile Vent or LST Lead Control
  • 2R controls always follow the movement of the Lead Control
Versatile Vent Control w/ Aspirator

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LST Lead Vent & 2R Follower Control
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29-4322-12R FOLLOWER CONTROL--EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only