• A totally unique concept to maximize the distribution of our most valuable natural resource
  • The Xcel Wobbler has only one moving part
  • Built for strength and durability using high-impact engineering-grade thermoplastics, with no metal parts
  • The droplet pattern from the Wobbler provides uniform coverage throughout, to prevent wind drift and evaporative loss at low pressures
  • Unlike impact sprinklers, the Wobbler design is more stable on any given riser or tripod
Nozzle ColorFlow @ 20 psiDia (ft) Coverage @ 3' height
1/2" Upright
Light Blue.5 gpm32.0'
Gold1.1 gpm42.0'
Lavender1.9 gpm43.0'
1/2" MPT Inverted
Gold1.1 gpm31.0'
Lavender1.9 gpm31.5'

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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
18-5470-1LIGHT BLUE1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-5470-2LIGHT BLUE1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-5470-9LIGHT BLUE1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-1 --- UP$7.49
18-5472-1GOLD1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-5472-2GOLD1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-5472-9GOLD1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-1 --- UP$7.49
18-5474-1LAVENDER1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-5474-2LAVENDER1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-5474-9LAVENDER1/2"MPT-UP6EA(?)-1 --- UP$7.49
18-5480-1GOLD1/2"MPT-INV6EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-5480-2GOLD1/2"MPT-INV6EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-5480-9GOLD1/2"MPT-INV6EA(?)-1 --- UP$7.49
18-5482-1LAVENDER1/2"MPT-INV6EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
18-5482-2LAVENDER1/2"MPT-INV6EA(?)-25 --- UPWholesale Only
18-5482-9LAVENDER1/2"MPT-INV6EA(?)-1 --- UP$7.49