Value-Line Production Seeder

Value-Line Production Seeder
  • The system is designed for increased production and efficiency with the capacity of up to 500 plus trays per hour.
  • The double acting spring-loaded hinge system insures fatique-free seeding of flats.
  • The recirculating seed channel reduces the worry of losing seed and increases the integrity of the system.
  • Seeds most spherical and semi-spherical seed.
  • The automatic tapper/vibrator insures greater than 99% accuracy.
  • The optional steel table is designed with pre-drilled holes to fasten the VALUE-LINE SEEDER securely in place as well as the optional DIBBLE PRESS which presses the seed in place in the flat.

Seed Listing - Based on hole size diameter of the seeder plate

Size A - Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celosia, eggplant, geranium, salvia, vinca, phlox and large pelleted seed.
Size B - Delphinium, pansy, pepper, tomato, small pelleted seed and unsorted pelleted seed.
Size C - Dianthus, impatiens, lettuce, marigold, zinnia
Size D - Alyssum, coleus, cole crops, lettuce, primula, pelleted marigold, small pelleted seed.
Size E - Beans, cantaloupe, cucumber, pumpkin, solanum, squash, watermelon, large pelleted seed.
Size F - Ageratum, dusty miller, nicotiana, petunia, snapdragon, portulaca.
Size G - Lisianthus, lobelia, mimulus, portulaca.

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