Total Release Fungicides

Mozart TR Fungicide

Group 12 – Phenyl Pyrroles

Description: Micro total release broad-spectrum contact protectant
Mode of action: Inhibits sporulation and stops fungal growth
Labeled for: Greenhouses
Diseases: Alternaria, botrytis, downy and powdery mildew and rust
Crops: Bedding plants, cut flowers, hanging baskets, foliage and other ornamentals
Benefits: Reduced risk fungicide; top and bottom surfaces get covered
Precautions: Do not use on stock or hydrangeas; limited to 4 applications per crop
Signal word: Caution
EPA No: 499-534
Rate: One can per 1,500-4,500 sq ft
REI: 2-24 hours depending on ventilation
EIQ: 23.9

Ground ship only


Trinity TR

Group 3 – Demethylation Inhibitors (DMI) - triazoles
Description: Broad-spectrum control of key foliar diseases
Mode of action: Inhibits biosynthesis of sterol, a critical component of fungal cell membranes
Labeled for: Greenhouses
Diseases: Alternaria, botrytis, cercospora, cylindrocladium, downy mildew, fusarium, myrothecium, powdery mildew and rhizoctonia
Crops: Bedding plants, cut flowers, hanging baskets, foliage and potted plants
Benefits: Xylem-mobile
Precautions: Flammable, contents under pressure; may discolor blooms; does not control soil-borne diseases
Helpful Hint: Rotate with Mozart TR
Signal word: Caution
EPA No: 499-555
Rate: One to two 2 oz. cans treat up to 3,000 ft
REI: 4-12 hrs. depending on air exchanges
EIQ: 12

Ground ship only

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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Mozart TR Fungicide
02-0951-1TR AEROSOL
6 OZ0.58EA(?)-1 --- 11Wholesale Only
02-0951-2TR AEROSOL
12 X 6 OZ7CS(?)121 --- UPWholesale Only
6 OZ0.58EA(?)-1 --- UP$88.00
Trinity TR
02-0954-13000 SQ FT3 0Z0.19EA(?)-1 --- 11Wholesale Only
02-0954-23000 SQ FT12 X 3 OZ2.28CS(?)121 --- UPWholesale Only
02-0954-9-3 OZ0.19EA(?)-1 --- UP$46.30
Discontinued Inventory available where price is in red.