GROUP 18B – Molting Disruptor

Description: Limonoids derived from neem tree seeds
Mode of action: Anti-feedant and insect growth regulator – molting disruptor; repels; disrupts growth and reproduction
Labeled for: Agriculture, greenhouses, interiorscapes, nurseries, turf, hydroponics and tree injections
Insects: 300+: whiteflies, leaf miners, soft scale, mealybugs, thrips, aphids, lacewings, flies, etc
Nematodes: Burrowing, dagger, golden and root knot
Crops: Ornamentals, food crops, trees and shrubs, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms
Benefits: Broad-spectrum insecticide that meets National Organic Program (NOP) requirements
Precautions: 2-3 applications at 7-10 day intervals for optimum results
Signal word: Caution
EPA No: 70299-17
Rate: 8-10 oz per 100 gallons
REI: 4 hours
EIQ: 12.10

Compare to Azatin XL

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