Barbed Adapters and Base Assemblies

Barbed Adapters and Base Assemblies
  • Barbed adapters with press-fit are used to adapt microtubing to Netafim nozzles or anti-drip device
  • Barbed adapters are adaptable to .170” ID x .25” OD microtubing
  • Fits 4/7 mm tubing
  • Tapered thread
3/8” Tapered Thread Adapter
  • For PVC
Riser Adapter
  • 1/2” FP x female press fit adapter is used for connection to rigid PVC pipe with 1/2" threaded connections and Netafim sprinklers/misters

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Catalog #Product InformationSize / Spec.Weight LbsUnit of MeasureQty Per CasePrice Break QuantityPriceQuantity
Barbed Adapters and Base Assemblies
.170 X MPF1EA(?)-100 --- UPWholesale Only
.170 X MPF1EA(?)-1 --- UP$0.11
.170 X FPF1EA(?)-1 --- 99Wholesale Only
.17 X FPF1EA(?)-100 --- UPWholesale Only
.17 X FPF1EA(?)-1 --- UP$0.10
19-7626-1-3/8 BSW-EA(?)-1 --- 99Wholesale Only
19-7626-2-3/8 BSW-EA(?)-100 --- UPWholesale Only
19-7626-9-3/8 BSW-EA(?)-1 --- UP$0.99
3/8” Tapered Thread Adapter
19-7882-1-3/8"BSW X PF-EA(?)-1 --- 99Wholesale Only
19-7882-2-3/8"BSW X PF-EA(?)-100 --- UPWholesale Only
19-7882-9-3/8"BSW X PF-EA(?)-1 --- UP$0.69
Barbed Adapters and Base Assemblies
19-7885-1.170"BARB X BARB0.01EA(?)-1 --- 24Wholesale Only
19-7885-2.170"BRBXBRB 25/B-BE(?)251 --- UPWholesale Only
19-7885-9.170"BARB X BARB0.01EA(?)-1 --- UP$0.29
Riser Adapter
19-7886-1-1/2"FPT X PF0.03EA(?)-1 --- 99Wholesale Only
19-7886-2-1/2"FPT X PF0.03EA(?)-100 --- UPWholesale Only
19-7886-9-1/2"FPT X PF0.03EA(?)-1 --- UP$1.69
Barbed Adapters and Base Assemblies
19-7888-1-.160 X FPF0.01EA(?)-1 --- UPWholesale Only
19-7888-2-.160 X FPF0.01EA(?)-1 --- 1Wholesale Only
19-7888-9-.160 X FPF0.01EA(?)-1 --- 1$0.29
Discontinued Inventory available where price is in red.